Wagner College Choir’s 1949 recording now online

Wagner College Choir’s 1949 recording now online

Bruce Bainbridge '73 recently donated a boxed three-disc set of 78 rpm recordings made by the "Wagner College A Capella Choir" in 1949 under the direction of his father, John L. Bainbridge, who took over the choir in 1944. (We're not entirely sure why it was called the "a capella choir," since most if not all of the tracks on this album are accompanied by at least an organ.)

Of particular note: This album includes a recording of Wagner College's original alma mater along with the first known recording of what would later become our new alma mater, "Beautiful Upon the Hill."

Here is the outside cover and inside album-jacket images, including the table of contents:

Cover (three panels combined) (72dpi)

And Here is the Complete Album: