Recital Requirements

Music majors at Wagner were formerly required to perform recitals in their junior and senior years. This is no longer the case for students declaring their Music major in 2002 or thereafter. Other students have the option of following either the older or the newer set of requirements.

Although the recital is no longer required, fourth-year Music majors carry out a Senior Project as part of the Senior Learning Community (LC). Many students choose to perform a recital in partial fulfillment of this requirement. Students contemplating this option must fulfill all of the requirements outlined in this document, as well as additional course requirements as determined by the instructor of the Senior Reflective Tutorial (MU 400). This course is normally taken in the spring semester of the senior year.

Recitals are not graded as such. However, at least two faculty members must attend and evaluate each recital, using a Recital Evaluation Form that can be obtained from the department office. An approved recital substitutes for a jury hearing in any semester in which a student is required to perform the latter.

Eligibility for presenting recitals

Any Wagner College student may perform a recital, provided that he or she has:

  1. passed a Music Department jury hearing during the previous semester
  2. completed an Event Request Form and submitted it to the department office by the deadline indicated on the form
  3. submitted an approved recital program no less than four weeks prior to the approved recital date
  4. arranged for at least two faculty members to attend the recital.

Students may collaborate in the performance of recitals, including those performed as Senior Projects, provided that each student has individually met requirements 1, 2, and 4 above.