2019 Summer Reading Assignment

2019 Summer Read

A summer read book has been part of the Wagner Tradition for many years. Offering a stimulating and enjoyable discussion point for students, faculty, and the entire Wagner community, the summer read serves as a resource for all to learn about each other and the world around them. When students come to campus for the first time as Wagner students, they will become part of the Wagner community and part of the city. This year’s book choice will be a wonderful way for the students to become part of both!

Your First Year Program faculty carefully selected Nonstop Metropolis as your summer reading book because it touches upon the experiential learning in all Learning Communities and is a resource about the very city in which you will spend the next four years. The book is part history, part geography, part social commentary, and offers visually and intellectually stimulating material for you to think about as you get excited for the college experiences ahead of you. Learn about New York City through the diverse eyes and minds of musicians, ethnographers, urbanists, journalists, scientists, and others. Your First Year Program faculty will select particular chapters for you to focus on, but we encourage you to read the book in its entirety. As you move through the Wagner plan during the next four years, and engage with the many boroughs of New York City, Nonstop Metropolis will be a useful resource.

You can order your copy from our Bookstore here: wagnercollegeshop.com. Click on books (textbooks), choose the term ‘Fall 2019,’ and department ‘summer reading, section 101.’ Enter submit and it will bring up the book along with instructions on how to order online so you can have it mailed to your summer address.

By early July there will be specific instructions posted here for each of the First Year Program Learning Communities. Check back to see what chapters your future Professors would like you to focus on, so you can be all ready for your first class discussion and trip during Orientation!