New Student Orientation Schedule

Information for Fall 2021 Orientation Schedule Will Be Announced in Summer 2021. For questions, please email


Update: Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Thank you to all new and current students that attended the Academic, Campus Life, and Student Support Services Panel. A recording of this panel is located here.

Passcode: Ju3a1#*E


Information on Presence

Take a look at our instructional video for how to access Presence.

Steps to Complete a Module/Experience

  1. Get to the website via browser and login with your Wag All-Access Pass

  2. Scroll down to read the Wagner 2020 Restart Plan

  3. Click New Student Orientation- wait for it to load

  4. Read the page to ensure you aren’t missing anything

  5. Click an  “Experience”, for example, Fire Safety

    1. (Experience and Module are interchangeable names)

  6. Follow the Step by Step instructions

    1. Getting ready

    2. Click the other link

    3. Watch now

    4. Login, all-access

    5. Watch both videos

  7. Click Apply to Earn

  8. Fill out the short quiz

  9. Submit (Side Note: Do not worry if no green check appears after you submit, usually green checks only appear after they are approved on the back end, some take more time for our staff to approve than others. You only have to do each module once.)

  10. Repeat the process with the next module.