Parent and Family Orientation Program

We are excited to bring our annual Parent and Family Orientation ProgramThis is a series of recorded and live events that took place throughout the summer of 2022. Our goal is empower the parents and family of our incoming class on how they can support their student transitioning to the college.

Our pre-recorded sessions can be found below. We are pleased to announce we will host a session for our new parents and students in January 2023. 

We will host a Parent and Family Information Session on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 7:00pm EST on Zoom.

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In the interim, please consider reviewing the sessions that have been recorded.

  • July 6, 2022: Financial Aid and Student Account Overview: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • July, 13th, 2022: Health & Wellness and Disability Services: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • July 20th, 2022: Academic Success & the First Year Program: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • July 27th, 2022: The Residential Student Experience: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • August 3rd, 2022: Campus Life: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • August 10th, 2022: The Commuter Student Experience: Completed! Please see recording below.

  • August 17th, 2022: Becoming a Wagner Seahawk: Orientation & the First Semester: Completed! Please see recording below.

We are thrilled to get to know you and bring you this series! Please reach out if you have any questions.

Dr. Tommy Tressler-Gelok, Assistant Dean of Campus Life

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Weekly Live Sessions

**All live sessions are at 7:00pm EST**


Join the Executive Director of Student Financial Services, JoAnn Esposito, and Director of Financial Aid, Theresa Weimer, as they provide an overview of our financial aid and student accounts offices. General information regarding how parents and families can support their students in paying their bill, important dates, and general information will be overviewed. A moderated question and answer session will also occur.



Parent Orientation FA & StuAccts 2223
Center for Health and Wellness and Disability Services Presentation

This program will provide an overview of two important functions of the college: Health & Wellness and Disability Services. The first part will review Health & Wellness at the College, including an overview of services and important insurance requirements. The second part will review Disability Services. This will discuss services offered to support students and highlight the differences between high school and college support. Please join Dr. Kathy Oberfeldt, Dean of Health and Wellness, and Dina Assante, Assistant Dean of Disability Services for this important session!





Join Dr. Matthew Kubacki, Dean of CACE, and Dr. Sarah Donovan, Director of the First Year Programs, to learn about the academic programs! Wagner wants your students to succeed!  In this program we’ll talk about the academic programs in place at Wagner, sharing details about courses, in-class and out-of-class experiences, and the benefits of the ‘Wagner Plan.’  You’ll hear from deans, faculty, and students about the benefits of Wagner’s curriculum and the support structures and opportunities it offers your students.


Learn all about our residential student experience here at Wagner ranging from move-in details to important dates with Dr. Tommy Tressler-Gelok, Reilly Schaefer, and Nicole Ntumba. This session will also aim to give parents and families some resources to support their students as they transition to the College.

This session will overview Campus Life activities, options, and involvement with Campus Life staff, including Dr. Ange Concepcion, Dr. Tommy Tressler-Gelok, Stephanie Peguillan, Ellen Navarro, and Rev. Dr. Holly Bonner. Come learn about how you can support your students as they try to get involved and become more integrative members of the Wagner College community.


The Office of Student Engagement & Activities welcomes and encourages our commuter students to take advantage of commuter student experience here at Wagner. This session will review options for commuter students, including parking, the commuter lounge, and meal plan options. The Commuter Student Association will also be introduced as a resource for students.

This program will provide an overview of our orientation program for the parents and families of our incoming students. In this session, we will review move-in, check-in for commuters, the orientation program, and tips to help your student begin their journey at the College.


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