Wagner Wednesdays for Wagner Parents & Families

Dear Parents and Families:

We are excited to welcome students and their families to the Seahawk Community!

This is a 7-part orientation program for Wagner College parents and families. As partners in the student’s education, Wagner College has designed a parent orientation program for the weeks leading up to the College.

Sessions will be live at 7:00pm Eastern each Wednesday evening. They will be recorded and uploaded to the parent orientation page, but we recommend as many people as possible attending live! 

Program Description: This session will be an overview of our financial aid and student accounts offices. General information regarding how parents and families can support their students in paying their bill, important dates, and general information will be overviewed. A moderated question and answer session will also occur. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Parents and families will learn how to support their students.
  • Parents and families will learn how to request access to a student’s account.
  • Parents and families will be provided with important dates and reminders regarding their student account.

Program Description:  This program will provide an overview of two important functions of the college: Health & Wellness and Disability Services. The first part will review Health & Wellness at the College, including an overview of services and important insurance requirements.

The second part will review Disability Services. This will discuss services offered to support students and highlight the differences between high school and college support. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Parents and families will be able to successfully support their student in completion of all health and wellness paperwork.
  • Parents and families will be able to act as a resource to supporting students during times of physical, personal, social, or emotional crisis. 
  • Parents and families will be able to demonstrate the differences of high school and collegiate disability support.

Program Description: Wagner wants your students to succeed!  In this program we’ll talk about the academic programs in place at Wagner, sharing details about courses, in-class and out-of-class experiences, and the benefits of the ‘Wagner Plan.’  You’ll hear from deans, faculty, and students about the benefits of Wagner’s curriculum and the support structures and opportunities it offers your students.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Parents and families will be able to discuss with their student the Wagner Plan and the benefits of out-of-the-classroom experiences.
  • Parents and families will learn of support structures in place to make a student successful. 

Program Description: Learn all about our residential student experience here at Wagner ranging from move-in details to important dates. This session will also aim to give parents and families some resources to support their students as they transition to the College. 

Program Description: The Center for Intercultural Advancement assists our international students who may have some challenges facing adjustments to their new life and culture here in America. The Global Support Network is a forum that provides mentoring and educational programming. The GSN is presented by peers and explores requested topics such as culture shock, academic registration, OPT/CPT options, student on-campus employment and applying for a social security card, and more! 

Program Description: The Office of Student Engagement & Activities welcomes and encourages our commuter students to take advantage of commuter student experience here at Wagner. This session will review options for commuter students, including parking, the commuter lounge, and meal plan options.The Commuter Student Association will also be introduced as a resource for students. 

Program Description: This program will provide an overview of our orientation program for the parents and families of our incoming students. In this session, we will review move-in, check-in for commuters, the orientation program, and tips to help your student begin their journey at the College. 


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