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On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, Wagner College’s Graduate Division held its annual student awards banquet at the Staten Island Hilton. Below is a slideshow of the award winners. To download high-resolution versions of individual photographs, visit our Flickr site.

Accounting Department

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement — Michael Krebs, Kohei (Steve) Nakajima, Hamza Khan
  • Highest Academic Achievement — Kayla Colin, Nicole McErlean
  • Delta Mu Delta Prize — Anthony Parenti

Business Department

  • Accelerated MBA Highest GPA — Alessandra D’Onofrio, Brian Bugbee
  • Accelerated MBA Leadership Award — Alessandra D’Onofrio
  • Accelerated MBA Teamwork Award — Alessandra D’Onofrio
  • Accelerated MBA Development Award — Anthony J. DiMaio
  • Traditional MBA Walter Rohers Memorial Award for  Highest Academic Achievement — Drew Fitzgerald
  • Traditional MBA Highest Finance GPA — Keith Onto
  • Traditional MBA Highest Management GPA — D’mya Clay, Danielle Parenteau
  • Traditional MBA Highest Health Care GPA — Liana Gonzalez
  • Traditional MBA Highest International Business GPA — Kathryn Younkins
  • Traditional MBA Highest Marketing GPA — Drew Fitzgerald

Education Department

  • Outstanding Achievement Adolescent Education — William Dowd
  • Outstanding Achievement Childhood Education —Kimberly Kosnac
  • Outstanding Achievement Early Childhood Education — Paige Fazio
  • Outstanding Achievement Teaching Literacy — Rebekah Varga
  • Highest Academic Achievement Graduate Education  — Gabrielle Grassulo
  • Education Chair Award  — Ryan Cornell
  • Katherine & Egon Wendel Award — Ashley Deon, Dedrick Dye
  • Norbert Leeseberg Graduate Education Award — Jennifer Derevjanik

Microbiology Department

  • Microbiology Award — Alex Molesan
  • Highest Academic Achievement — William Rivera
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement — Julianna Maniscalco, Ashley Polizzotto
  • Roy H. Mosher Award in Microbiology — Julia Mullins

Nursing Department

  • Highest Nurse Educator GPA — Lisa Farina
  • Highest Family Nurse Practitioner GPA — Naira Feinberg
  • Highest Nursing GPA — Yekaterina Mahoney
  • Constance Byron Award — Nicole Quinzi
  • Annemarie C. Sortino Nurse Educator Award — Christopher Governo
  • Maria Pickett Award — Nwando Nzegwu, Cicely Edwards

Physician Assistant

  • Highest Academic Achievement — Robert Liberto
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement — Erica S. Guidicipietro

Diversity Action Council Award

  • MaryEllen Bonito
  • Princess Poku
  • Esta Neyman

Internationalization Action Award

  • Alexandra Bauer
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