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Feb. 16 — CBS Sports Network — President Richard Guarasci was interviewed on court during the men’s basketball home game against Bryant University. Pres. Guarasci praised men’s basketball head coach Bashir Mason. Watch the interview here.


Jan. 2 — HUD Partners in Progress — “Wagner College concentrates civic efforts in Port Richmond community” — The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s electronic newsletter featured Wagner College’s Port Richmond Partnership. Read the story here.

Jan. 21 — Staten Island Advance — “On MLK Day, It’s Easy to Make a Difference with Hard Work” — The participation of several students from Wagner’s Bonner Leaders Program was featured in this story about an MLK Day service project in St. George, Staten Island. Read the story here.

Jan. 29 — Staten Island Advance — “College Tuition Info Session on Saturday” — The College Goal program, which brings financial aid professionals from several New York City colleges and universities to Wagner College each year to advise parents and students on how to fill out their financial aid paperwork, has been spearheaded for several years by Wagner Financial Aid Director Theresa Weimer. Read the story here.

Feb. 7 — Staten Island Advance — “Black History Month Symposium at Wagner College” — The Advance plugged a scheduled lecture by Bob Moses, a former organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s and an advocate for math education for black students. Read the story here.


Jan. 15 — Staten Island Advance — “Ortiz’s Motor Keeps Wagner Humming Along” — A feature story on Wagner College basketball player Kenny Ortiz. Read the story here.

Feb. 10 — NerdScholar — “Programs for Student-Athletes” — A blog, NerdScholar, highlighted Wagner College’s programs that support the academic aspirations of our student-athletes — one of just four colleges featured. Read the story here.


Nov. 27 — Staten Island Advance — “Staten Island Youngsters Learn Butter Doesn’t Always Come from the Supermarket” — Advance education columnist Diane Lore wrote an engaging Thanksgiving feature about how Lorraine Danichewski, an instructor at the Wagner College Early Childhood Center, taught youngsters about how butter was made in colonial times. Read the story here.

Dec. 12 — Staten Island Advance — “Whip Cream into Homemade Butter” — Another take on the same event, written by Advance food editor Pam Silvestri. Read the story here.


Carey Institute Dean Seymour Lachman’s new book

Jan. 31 — Staten Island Advance — “Civic Hero Who Flew Under the Radar” — Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski lauded the new biography by Seymour Lachman, “Mr. New York: Lew Rudin and his Love for the City.” Read the story here.

Feb. 12 — WNYW-TV — The hosts of the New York Fox affiliate’s morning program interviewed Bill Rudin about Seymour Lachman’s new biography of his father, the late Lew Rudin. Watch the story here.

Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak on recall elections

Nov. 28 — New York Times — “Official Quits in Backlash Over Colorado Gun Vote” — A news story quotes Joshua Spivak, an expert on recall elections. Read the story here.

Nov. 28 — Wall Street Journal — “Colorado Lawmaker Quits Over Gun Control” — Spivak quoted in a Journal story about the same incident. Read the story here.

Dec. 26 — The Week — “Power to the People” — An op-ed by Joshua Spivak on recall elections in 2013. Also published in the Jan. 3 Washington Post. Read the story here.


Jan. 17 — Staten Island Advance — “A Celebration of Youth Theater” — A Staten Island organization honors the Wagner College Theatre program for its support of local high school theater. Read the story here.

Feb. 7 — Broadway World — “Jennifer Maisel’s ‘Out of Orbit’ wins Wagner College Theatre’s 2014 Stanley Drama Award” — Read the story here.


Dec. 18 — Peter Breggin Hour — Here’s the interviewer’s blurb for this 52-minute Internet radio interview with Wagner College psychology professor Miles Groth: “Controversial, much needed, and even radical. Today’s show with Miles Groth, Ph.D. is about the blocks being placed on the road from boyhood to manhood, the ‘silencing’ of boys and men, and its implications for both genders and for our culture. Extraordinarily important.”

Dec. 18 — Psychology Today — Dr. Groth’s blog, “Silencing Boys: Reflections on an Interview with Dr. Peter Breggin.” Read the story here.


Jan. 5 — Staten Island Advance — “ ‘Ballad of Staten Island’ Exhibit Called On Account Of Snow” — An odd review by Advance arts editor Michael Fressola about a Wagner Gallery exhibition of work by Wagner art professor Bill Murphy … written after the exhibit had already been taken down. Read the story here.


Nov. 2013 — Enrollment Management Report — “Prevent Summer Melt With A Comprehensive Approach” — An article in a professional journal by Wagner College’s Director of Recruiting Jake Browne and former Wagner Residential Education residence director Ben Fabian. Read the story here.

Dec. 10 — Huffington Post — “When It Comes to Custody, It’s a Women’s World” — A blog essay by government professor Abe Unger. Read the story here.

Dec. 23 — Staten Island Advance — “An Often Misunderstood Brain Condition” — Danielle Lucchese, a Wagnerian staff writer and an intern at the Staten Island Advance, wrote a very thorough first-person article explaining the particular neurological condition with which she struggles, hydrocephalus. Read the story here.

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