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Wagner Cares studentsSeveral recent news stories have been written about the work that members of the Wagner College community have been doing to help our neighbors recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Nov. 9, 2012 — “After storm, Wagner quickly regains footing” — About Seahawks football players training for the big U. Albany game the week of Hurricane Sandy, and volunteering their time for relief work in Midland Beach.

Nov. 11, 2012 — “5,000 volunteers come to the Island’s aid” — This story featured Wagner Cares, among the many other community efforts focused on Sandy relief on Staten Island.

Nov. 11, 2012 — “Bridgeton athletes at Wagner help Staten Island recover from damage from Sandy” — Another story about Seahawks football players hard at work on Sandy relief.

Nov. 16, 2012 — “Lacrosse world picks up pieces, lends hand after Sandy” — Wagner LAXers were among the many teams engaged in Sandy relief work, as featured in this story.

You can also look through a slideshow of photos of Wagner College students in action at Hurricane Sandy relief sites on Staten Island, below:

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