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Prospective student pitches in with Sandy relief

    Jillian Forte, a high school senior at Cicero-North Syracuse High School in Cicero, N.Y., has the heart of a Seahawk.
    When she heard on the news about the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island, the home of Wagner College, the only thing she wanted to know was what she could do to help.
    Knowing that the men’s basketball team was headed to Syracuse for a game on Nov. 18, Forte contacted Wagner admissions counselor Caitlin McCown, who put her in touch with Student Government Association President Greg Balaes, one of the driving forces behind the Wagner Cares hurricane relief effort. Balaes helped Forte figure out what kind of supplies would be most useful to those in need on Staten Island. Forte then put out an announcement to her high school community and her town and set up a collection center in her garage. Together, she and her friends collected an incredible stock of relief supplies, including:

  • over 11 gallons of water
  • over 61 jars of baby food
  • 14 children’s board games
  • 10 packs of crayons
  • 3 boxes of baby formula
  • 20 toothbrushes
  • 10 packs of batteries
  • cleaning supplies
  • toiletries
  • clothes
  • 10 packages of dust masks
  • 17 boxes of pasta
  • 7 boxes of cereal
  • trash bags
  • 70 cans of soup

    The night of Nov. 18, after the Wagner/Syracuse game, Forte met up with Seahawks basketball director of operations Andrew Duffy and loaded the donated items onto the team bus for delivery to those who need them on Staten island.
    “I think we have a true Wagnerian — and a future Seahawk — in Jillian!” remarked Jake Browne, Wagner’s director of admissions.

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