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Wagner College Press has re-released two books on the college's early history, partly to mark Wagner's 130th anniversary this year and partly in preparation for a much bigger anniversary 5 years from now: the centennial of our move to Staten Island in 1918. Both books are available at cost (plus shipping) at the Wagner College History online bookstore -- and both can be "previewed" online, in their entirety, on the order pages below. (Just hit the "preview" link under the cover image on the order pages.)

Microsoft Word - FF&P cover.docFOUNDING FACES & PLACES: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WAGNER MEMORIAL LUTHERAN COLLEGE, 1869-1930 is a book of archival photos and interpretive material prepared to accompany an exhibition shown in the Horrmann Library’s Spotlight Gallery from September 12 through October 15, 2008, in observance of the 125th anniversary of the founding of Wagner College in 1883. It covers the period beginning in 1869, during Wagner’s “prehistory,” and runs through the last major building project to be started before the Great Depression: Main Hall, our Collegiate Gothic architectural signature, which recently underwent a complete exterior renovation.

Authors of Wagner historiesWAGNER COLLEGE: FOUR HISTORIES is the first book-length history of Wagner College, published in conjunction with the school's 125th anniversary in 2008. It contains historical essays by four authors (hence, the title) who presented their work at a forum on September 12, 2008. It was revised in November 2008, and again in February 2009, to incorporate newly discovered information about the college's founders. It was revised in May 2011 to show more detailed information on the tenures of two presidents.


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