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Project2:Layout 1.qxdThe latest issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research has just been made available at the journal's online bookstore, where print copies can be purchased at cost or the entire edition can be read in the "preview" mode. The Fall 2012 issue of the Forum, which is edited by a panel of seven Wagner College faculty members, contains abstracts and full-length research papers by 40 Wagner College students. The first section contains the abstracts of papers and posters presented at the 66th Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference held last April in Wayne, N.J. The next portion contains a study on the effects of ethanol on the activity level of zebrafish, an intriguing comparison between the rate at which teeth erupt and skeletal growth in children of prehistoric Peru, an examination of how Janine Antoni used art to convey messages about family, femininity and the role of motherhood, an exploration of religious fasting during the Crusades, a critical essay written in Spanish on a surrealist painter, Remedios Varo, and more.

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