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131026 Pakinam Mekki at MACUB (lo res)

Congratulations to Wagner College student Pakinam Mekki of Staten Island (shown above), who won first place in the neurobiology/physiology, four-year-college category for her poster presentation at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists, held Saturday, Oct. 26 at Bergen Community College. Mekki presented on the research she conducted earlier this year as part of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Summer Internship Program. Her presentation was titled, “The Effect of Na+/H+ Exchanger 6 on Tau Protein Aggregation.” Wagner student Melanie Krongold also presented on her work at Johns Hopkins in a presentation titled, “Composite Gel Electrophoresis Resolves Large Human Lung Glycoproteins (Mucins) that Control Lung Inflammation.” Both Krongold and Mekki will also present at the American Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students later this month in Nashville, Tennessee.

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