Traditional Four-Year Nursing Program

Professional Programs, Bachelor of Science, Major in Nursing (4 year, Upper Division, BS in Nursing)

A minimum of 21 units, distributed as follows:
Freshman and Sophomore years, 5 units of nursing cognates:
Biology (4 Units)
____ 209 Human Anatomy & Physiology (spring, fall)
____ 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology (spring, fall)
____ 224 Nutrition (fall, spring only) – Cross listed with Nursing – taken with Microbiology as
Intermediate Learning Community, Spring of Sophomore year.
____ 200 Microbiology (fall, spring) – included in Intermediate Learning Community with Nutrition, fall/spring of student’s Sophomore year.

           and one of the following:
____ Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology (fall & spring)         or
____ Sociology 101 – Principles of Sociology (fall & spring)                    or
____ Anthropology 101 – Introduction to Anthropology (fall & spring)

*Please note: In addition to the above courses all students must take the ATI TEAS  exam and score proficient or higher. A passing grade MUST be submitted no later than June 1 of sophomore year.

Junior and Senior Years, (16 Units):   Nursing Courses

Module I - Fall/Junior Year (4.5 Units)
____ NR351  Dimensions of Health Promotion in the Community (2 Units)
____ NR353  Dimensions of Health Assessment (1 Unit)
____ NR355  Pharmacodynamics (1 Unit)
____ NR356  Medical Dosage and Calculation (0.5 Unit)
Module II - Spring/Junior Year (4.5 Units) Prerequisite courses: NR 351, 353, 355, and 357
____ NR364  Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family (1.5 Units)
____ NR366  Nursing Care of the Childrearing Family (1.5 Units)
____ NR368  Nursing Care of the Family in Illness I (1.5 Units)
Module III - Fall/Senior Year (5 Units) Prerequisite courses:  All NR 300 level courses
____ NR400 Nursing Research (1 Unit)
____ NR465  Psychodynamic Dimensions of Psychiatric Mental Health (1 Unit)
____ NR469  Nursing Care of the Family in Illness II (1 Unit)
____ Elective (1 Unit)
____ Elective (1 Unit)
Module IV - Spring Senior Learning Community of Courses (4 Units)
Prerequisite courses:  All NR 300 level courses and NR 400, 465, 469

____ NR472  Community Health Nursing (1.5 Units)
____ NR474  Nursing Leadership & Management (1 Unit)
____ NR476  Dimensions of Mental Health Nursing in the Community (0.5 Unit)
____ NR490  Reflective Tutorial (1 Unit)

*   Traditional Students must complete at least 18 units including all prerequisites by June 1 of their sophomore year.

** Transfer Students must be matriculated at Wagner College for at least one year (two semesters; not including summer) prior to beginning the Nursing Program.

***  A failure in any course may necessitate a change in the progression of the individual’s program.

****  Students are pinned at the end of Module IV and are eligible to sit for NCLEX.

For more information download Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook 2023-24 Edition