** RN-BS Admissions are currently on hold. Please monitor this page for information on when RN-BS admissions will resume.


Registered Nurse Student

RN Students

  1. Courses from other colleges will be accepted for transfer credit to units if the grade is "C" or higher upon approval by the Wagner College Registrar.  Units are used in place of credits with no loss to student's transfer credits; 1 unit is equal to approx. 3.33 credits.  The last 9 units of any degree must be earned at Wagner College.  Credits earned through proficiency examinations, life experience, etc. cannot be counted as part of the required units.
  2. To be admitted, RN students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  RN students who do not have a 3.0 GPA or higher will be evaluated by the School of Nursing (SON) Admission Committee.  International students will be evaluated by School of Nursing (SON), as well as WES.
  3. The RN student must be accountable for ensuring that their transfer credits and completion of units are fulfilled to meet graduation requirements.
  4. The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded at the completion of the Nursing and General Education requirements.  Registered Nurse students must complete a total of 36 units to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

The required nursing courses that need to be taken at The Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing at Wagner College are the following:

Course Course Name Unit Semester Offered
NR353 Dimensions of Health Assessment 1 Summer
NR375 Challenges of Professionalism in Nursing (RN's only) 1 Fall
NR400 Nursing Research 1 Spring
NR472 Community Health Nursing 1.5 Spring/Fall
NR476 Dimensions of Mental Health Nursing 0.5 Spring/Fall
NR474 Nursing Leadership and Management 1 Spring/Fall
NR490 SLC Reflective Tutorial — Senior Practicum 1 Spring/Fall

Note:  NR353 - Waiver of NR353 is available by passing both:

  • the performance based competency testing; and
  • the final for the course with a 77% (C+).  This may be discussed with the RN-BS Advisor at time of admission.  An elective nursing course will then be required.
  • Students who are admitted with a GPA below 3.0 may not apply for waiver and must take NR353.

4.       Credit for previous nursing experience:
In order to receive a total of 18 units: 10 units from Wagner College for previous Nursing knowledge and competencies and 8 units for General Education knowledge, the RN student will need to provide proof (submit original documents for verification to Admissions  or the SON) of:

  • Successful completion of education requirements for entry into professional nurse practice, which include official transcripts.  The following Nursing courses ill be awarded transfer credit equal to 10 units: NR 351, 355, 356, 364, 366, 368, 465, 469;
  • New York State RN license and current New York State registration;
  • Current employment as a Registered Nurse.  If an RN has not been actively involved in clinical practice two or more years, they will be required to demonstrate clinical competency in either a clinical agency, Nursing Resource Center, or by taking a clinical competency exam, at the discretion of the faculty;
  • Proof of identity (driver's license or passport); and, if applicable, documents proving name changes (e.g., marriage license or divorce paperwork).  The above admission paperwork will be evaluated by both the School of Nursing and Registrar prior to the awarding of transfer credit.


RN's are able to receive transfer credit for previous nursing knowledge: 10 units
Required courses in Nursing you need to take:   7 units
General Education and Sciences: 8 units transfer and 11 units at Wagner College 19 units
To complete the Registered Nurse Baccalaureate Degree you need:(Last 9 units must be taken at Wagner College). 36 Units


Progression Policy for RN Students:

NR375 and NR400 are pre-requisites for NR472, NR474, NR476 and NR490.  NR474 and NR490 are co-requisites.

Suggested Nursing Electives:

Students entering Fall must take two (2) intercultural courses in the core curriculum.  One course in International (I) and one course in American Diversity (D).

NR212-D Human Sexuality (1 Unit) Offered Periodically

SP/NR 511-I Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (1 Unit) Offered Periodically

NR517 Comparative Healthcare Practices (1 Unit) Offered in the Spring

NR591 Special Topics (1 Unit) Offered Periodically

NR593 Independent Study (0.5 to 1 Unit) Arranged with Faculty Advisor

NR595 Emergency Preparedness (1 Unit) Offered Periodically

**RN students are not required to take ATI exams.  An alternative assignment or exam will be substituted in place of an ATI exam equal to the percentage breakdown on the individual course syllabus.