Capstone Projects Presented at DNP Completion Ceremonies

Capstone Projects- First Cohort Graduating December 2016

Valbona Avdija, DNP(c), FNP-BC Prevention of Children’s Removal from Intellectually Disabled Parents.  “Promoting a safe environment in the home for children of developmentally disabled adults”

Katie Campos-Gatjens, DNP, FNP-BC Disaster Preparedness:  Assessment of Older Adults Living in the New York City Rockaway Community

Margaret Canjura, DNP, FNP-BC Establishing a Plan:  Importance of Disaster Planning for the Developmentally Disabled Adults in the Group Home Setting

Jessica Cerulli, DNP, FNP-BC Home Hospice:  Empowering Caregivers

Diana E. Coseglia-Danna, DNP, FNP-BC Assessment and Treatment of Non-visible Blast Injuries

Kathleen Francis, DNP, FNP-BC Differentiating Pressure Injury vs Dermatitis in Patients with Dark Skin Tones

Dina Gramegna, DNP, FNP-BC Tri-state Area Nurses:  Compact Licensure and Disaster Response

Nina Maresca, DNP, FNP-BC Oral Care in Primary Care:  An inter-professional Education Program

Cindy M. Powell-McVey, DNP, FNP-BC, Jonas Scholar Hospital Evacuation:  Are You Prepared?

Kathleen Oberfeldt, DNP, FNP-BC Human Papilloma Virus Knowledge Assessment of College Men

Patricia Tooker, DNP, FNP Leadership, Education and Collective Impact:  Interventions in Fighting a Heroin Epidemic among Youth and Young Adults


Capstone Projects- Cohort Graduating December 2017

Regina Borovik, DNP, FNP-BC Developing Disaster Preparedness Competencies Within a Large Healthcare System

Azza A. Ezzat, DNP, FNP-BC   Empathic and Servitude Mindset for Culturally Specific Palliative Care

Deborah A. Gianfortune, DNP, FNP-BC The Children of the Opioid Epidemic

Doris Ann Korona, DNP, FNP-BC Active Shooter in Healthcare. The Utilization of an Active Shooter e-book for the Individual Health Care Provider

Meghan R. McShea, DNP, FNP-BC Liquid Medication Administration Using Technology to Improve Care in the Pediatric Patient

Boris Molchanskiy, DNP, FNP-BC Staff Education on Suspicious Package and Explosive Devices

Christine Stefanski, DNP (c), FNP-BC Utilizing Social Media Amongst Peers to Alleviate Compassion Fatigue in Oncology Nurses

Margaret M. Terjesen, DNP, FNP-BC The Older Adult at Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Jebin Mary Varghese, DNP, FNP-BC Use of an Avatar Guided e-book to Increase Knowledge of HPV and Preventive Vaccination among Adolescents

Shoshana Weiner, DNP, FNP-BC Alleviating Emergency Room Population Overload During Disaster (AERPOD)


Capstone Projects- Cohort Graduating December 2018

Diana Davydova, DNP, FNP-BC Human Trafficking: A Trauma-Informed Victim-Centered Approach Educational Program for Healthcare Professionals

Lorrie DeSena DNP, FNP-BC Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Disaster Preparedness

Patricia Donoghue, DNP, FNP-BC Nursing Personal Preparedness During a Disaster

Gwendolyn Hernandez, DNP(c), FNP-BC Examining the Efficacy of an e-book Health Literacy Education Program for Sexual Health Promotion in Older Adolescents Attending Private College

Brownson Irondi, DNP, FNP-BC Implementing a Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) Communication Tool in an Urban Tertiary Nursing School in Nigeria

Marcel Kaganovskaya, DNP, FNP-BC Developing a Vascular Access Ultrasonography Course for Nurse Practitioners

Cristina Klimasz, DNP, FNP-BC Nuclear Radiation Disasters: An Educational Tool for Registered Nurses

Mary Ann Ryan-O'Connor, DNP, FNP-BC A Clinical Pathway for Post Mastectomy Neuropathic Pain

Luva M. Reeves, DNP, FNP-BC Flood Disasters: What Lurks in the Wather? An Educational Resource for Healthcare Providers

Margery Shane, DNP, FNP-BC An Educational Program on Antimicrobial Stewardship for Nurses in Long Term Care Settings

Renata Zink, DNP, FNP-BC Increasing Primary Healthcare Providers' Knowledge of Celiac Disease to Ensure Timely Diagnosis and Treatment


Capstone Projects- Cohort Graduating December 2019

Marianine Ade: An Educational Intervention for Nursing Students Caring for LGBTQ Patients

Sandra Blandon: Knowledge and Perception Regarding Disaster Preparedness Among the Hispanic Population on Staten Island

Kathleen Caridi: Navigating the Weeds: Educating Nurse Practitioners About Medical Marijuana

Shujun Cao: Implementing Smoking Cessation Intervention for Chinese-American  Patients in a Primary Care Office to Improve Quality of Care

Caitlin Griffin: New Fathers Faced with the Role of Sole Caregiver Due to Unplanned Events

Jennifer Macchiarola:  Preparedness Training for College Students to Improve Survivability After Mass Casualty

Christine Mavaro: Anxiety Assessment Tool for Children Aged Six to Nine Years with Chronic Disease

Kimberly Valdecantos: Body Image Assessment in the Post Bariatric Surgery Patient