Transfer of Credit

Graduate Students 

The approval of the Graduate Program Director is required for all transfer credits. Numbers of credits accepted from accredited graduate schools may vary among departments. Grades below the B-level are not acceptable for transfer. If transcripts from previous schools are not provided at the time of application, courses may not be accepted for transfer at a later date. Students wishing to take courses at another college for transfer to their graduate record at Wagner College need to obtain written approval from the Graduate Program Director before registering for such courses. No 500-level course taken as part of an undergraduate program may be transferred into a graduate program. The School of Nursing allows up to twelve credits to be transferred into the Graduate Program as well as the Post Master’s Certificate Program. The courses for which credit is to be received must be congruent with a course in the nursing program.  In situations where the student has a previous master’s degree in a health related field, is a registered nurse and is applying for the master of science as a second master’s, transfer credits up to 12 may be allowed if the courses are comparable to program courses. Evaluation of courses from a master in nursing degree to be applied to the Post Master’s Certificate is individually evaluated. Courses such as pathophysiology, advanced health assessment and pharmacology are the courses that are frequently transferred in for the Post Master’s Certificate if course objectives and content are comparable. In cases where a Post Master’s Applicant has graduated more than five years prior validation of previous knowledge may be required for courses such as advanced health assessment, pharmacology and pathophysiology due to the fact that these courses provide the foundation for the nurse practitioner role.

Graduate Application for Course Transfer Approval Form