Philosophy of the School of Nursing

The School of Nursing philosophy is defined by the faculty based on the 4 nursing metaparadigms:
nursing, individuals, and their relationship with the environment and health.

The faculty believes that Nursing is an art and science, which provides an essential service to society by
assisting and empowering individuals to achieve optimal health. As a caring profession, nursing promotes
the health and well-being of society through the leadership of its individual members and its professional
organizations. Nursing education facilitates critical thinking skills with the use of information technology
to educate professional nurses to become independent and collaborative practitioners who make clinical
judgments and act with compassion and responsibility.

The faculty values human life and embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility of each
Individual as the core of professional practice. We foster and support equality of human dignity and
diversity in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Individuals are in continual interaction with the Environment across their lifespan. The internal and
external environment influences the health of the individual, groups, and populations. The internal
environment includes psychological, physiological, ethical, and moral beliefs. The external environment
includes population health, political, socio-economic, and
cultural influences.

The faculty believes that Health is a dynamic state of being which is formed by the individual’s holistic
beliefs, experiences, and responses to their environment. The optimal state of health is unique for each
individual throughout their lifespan and is impacted by the bio-psychological, spiritual, and sociocultural
influences from one’s internal and external environment.

The Spiro School of Nursing offers the following programs of professional
● Nursing (B.S., traditional undergraduate four-year program)
● Nursing (B.S., second degree, 15-month program)
● Nursing (M.S., Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator)
● Nursing (Post Master’s Certificate Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse
● Nursing (DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice)