Professional Standards

Standards for Professional Behavior for  Nursing Students

I.       Demonstrates Responsible Behavior
1.1     Shows punctuality in classroom, clinical assignments, appointments, and conferences.
1.2     Practices good health habits (yearly physical, lab work).
1.3     Practices safety in clothing in all clinical situations (dress, uniform, shoes, jewelry,
          long nails, etc.)
1.4     Practices safe behavior in clinical situations (meds. side rails, etc.).  In addition, standard
          precautions should always be adhered to.
1.5     Meets professional goals as well as personal needs.
1.6     Takes responsibility for own learning.
1.7     Seeks out new learning situations within and beyond assignments.
1.8     Utilizes universal precautions when caring for every client.
1.9     Acknowledges if under the influence of any mind altering substance and seeks appropriate
1.10   Adheres to uniform standards.

II.     Recognizes His/Her Own Limitations and Abilities:

2.1     Asks for assistance when necessary.
2.2     Consults with appropriate resources.
2.3     Accepts criticism.
2.4     Uses criticism constructively.
2.5     Acknowledges mistakes.
2.6     Accepts supervision.

III.     Shows Sensitivity to Human Needs:
3.1     Accepts individual differences (opinions, cultures, personalities, etc.).
3.2     Acts with a positive regard for individuals.
3.3     Demonstrates tact with authority figures, peers, others.
3.4     Listens attentively.
3.5     Responds within context of discussion.
3.6     Works cooperatively with others.

IV.    Demonstrates Self Awareness:
4.1     Identifies the effect of his/her behavior on the environment.
4.2     Evaluates the effect of his/her behavior on the environment and constructively modifies
4.3     Identifies the effect of the environment on his/her behavior.
4.4     Evaluates the effect of the environment on his/her behavior.

V.     Promotes Professional Standards of Behavior (Ethics)
5.1     Demonstrates honesty.
5.2     Maintains confidentiality.
5.3     Promotes ethical behavior in his/her self and others.