Nursing Resource Center

Nursing Resource Center, Campus Hall

Director Nursing Resource Center:  Catherine Boccanfuso, MS, RN-C, CNE, CHSE

Simulation Educator: Marian Martin, MS, RN, CLC, CHSE

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) at the Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing presents an innovative learning environment in which students combine didactic and clinical knowledge as they transition into professional practice. The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) / Simulation Lab located in Campus Hall, houses hi-fidelity Manikins, low-fidelity Manikins, task trainers, video recording devices, and numerous other equipment. The NRC offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to further their knowledge and skills by utilizing a variety of educational aids in the simulated clinical unit, and in the smart classroom.

General Skills Lab

The general skills labs in the NRC and the first floor lab are equipped with supplies and multiple simulators. There are exam tables with wall-mounted and portable otoscopes/ophthalmoscopes, aneroid sphygmomanometer and neurological examination tools.  Additionally, there is a maternal child suite, which includes maternal birthing, newborn and child simulators, an overhead warmer, code cart, crib and bassinets. Students are able to perform specific physical assessment skills such as auscultation of cardiac, respiratory, and abdominal sounds as well as access for venipuncture, nasogastric tube insertion, tracheostomy suctioning, wound care and vital signs. Suture practice limbs allow the graduate students to practice surgical suturing. 

Hi-Fidelity Simulators

Simulation is used as a complement to clinical experience and enables nursing students to develop competencies in multiple simulated health care scenarios across the life span in order to enhance their readiness for practice. The lab is equipped with state of the art hi fidelity simulators that include birthing, newborn, child, adult and geriatric Manikins of various ethnicities.

The Hi-Fidelity Simulation Lab is equipped with monitors, cameras and a 1-way mirror to the Control Room with capability to live stream scenarios to the 20 seat smart classroom.

SimCart Rx is a realistic medication-dispensing unit that scans meds and allows direct input into the electronic medical record.

ATI Competency Testing

Faculty incorporates ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) standardized testing throughout the undergraduate program in an effort to support student's success. Students have access to practice exams, tutorials and proctored Content Mastery Assessments that are aligned with the curriculum.

Forty-five Lenovo Ultrabooks are available for student use and computerized testing. Content displayed on 13.3" HD touch screen in laptop, tent or tablet mode.