Theatre & Childhood Education

For the Education component of the Dual Major consult the Education site.  The Senior Learning Community is taken in the Education Department.
For the Theatre component a total of 11 units is required with the following distribution:

Experiential Units:

  • Th011: Theatre Lab (2 semesters of 0.5 units each)
  • Th014-18: Play Production (2 semesters of 0 units each)

Foundation courses: 

  • Th103: Script Analysis
  • Th106: Introduction to Acting
  • Th111: Introduction to Design
  • Th233:  Theatre History

Courses in the Following Categories: (Select 6 units from at least 3 sections)

Technical Classes

  • Th107: Stage Craft
  • Th108: Stage Lighting and Electronics
  • Th109: Stage Costuming
  • Th110: Scenic Painting
  • Th209: Drafting (0 unit) combined with Th219: Computer Visualization, TC, (1 unit)
  • Th240: Stage Make-up

Performance Classes

  • Th204: Intermediate Acting (Th106 Pre-req)
  • Th229:  Devised Theatre
  • Th255:  Acting for the Camera
  • Da***: One Unit of Studio Dance

Design Classes

  • Th306:  Sound Design
  • Th313:  Costume Design
  • Th321: Scenic Design
  • Th323: Lighting Design
  • Th324: Period Styles


  • Th290:  Playwriting
  • Th310: Directing I
  • Th311: Directing II
  • Th350: Stage Management
  • Th440: Arts Management
  • Da401: Choreography

Literature and History

  • Th218: History of American Film
  • Th228:  History of Costume and Fashion
  • Th235: Musical Theatre History
  • Th450:  Theatre Criticism
  • Da191: Dance History
  • Da395:  Dance Criticism