Theatre Studies

Experiential Requirements (1 unit)
Th011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
Th014-18: Production Practicum (4 0 unit experiences)
Foundation Requirements (5 units)
Th103: Script Analysis
Th106: Introduction to Acting
Th111: Introduction to Design and Technology
Th233: Theatre History
En212: Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory
Choose one unit of the following:
Da191: Dance History
Da192: Dance History II: A Cultural, Social, and Historical
Fm201: Introduction to Film Studies
Th218: History of American Film
Th250: The Movie Musical
Th235: Musical Theatre History
Choose three units of the following:
En211: British Literature Survey (W)
En326: Drama Survey (W)
En327: Advanced Drama: Renaissance and Modern (W)
En330: Shakespeare (W)
Sp340: A Window on Spain: Peninsular Survey. (I)
Sp411: Hispanic Drama: Text and Performance
Fr320: French Masterworks in Translation
Fr334: Twentieth Century French Literature
Fr346: A Window on France: French Survey
Choose two units of the following:
Th107 or Th112: Stagecraft or Stagecraft I
Th108: Stage Lighting and Electronics
Th109: Stage Costuming
Th110: Scene Painting
Th211: Stage Properties and the Prop Mistress/Master
Th228: History of Costume and Fashion
Th240: Stage Make-up
Th291: Approved Special Topics in DTM
Th306: Sound Design for the Theatre
Th313: Costume Design
Th321: Scenic Design
Th323: Lighting Design
Th324: Period Styles
Th350: Stage Management
Choose two units of the following:
Th204: Intermediate Acting
Fm210: Introduction to Video Production and Filmmaking
Th229: Devised Theatre
Th242: Commedia dell’Arte
Th255: Acting for the Camera
Th290: Playwriting
Th310: Directing I
Fm322:  Screenplay Writing
Da401: Choreography

Senior Learning Community
Th400: Senior Seminar
Th595: Advanced Theatre Practicum

Cognates: Students will demonstrate some experience in another language so native English speakers must complete two levels of a foreign language.