Theatre Studies


The Theatre Studies Concentration is designed for students who want to study the many aspects of theatre and offers a wide range of courses to allow students to personalize their academic experience according to their interests, including Introduction to Design and Technology, Modern Languages, Playwriting, Acting, Shakespeare Survey, Theatre History, and Directing. The program also encourages one to expand their craft through tech assignments, performance opportunities, and involvement with department and student-run theatre organizations.

Theatre Studies is the most flexible of the concentrations in terms of obtaining more than one degree while at Wagner. This is also the most flexible of the concentrations in terms of accepting transfer credits and community college degrees; if a student is transferring from a community college and is looking to complete a Theatre degree at Wagner in two years, Theatre Studies should be the curriculum followed. Theatre Studies students especially are also encouraged to study a semester abroad during their time at Wagner with the IES Abroad Theatre Studies program, which takes place in London, England. Theatre Studies majors often go on to graduate school and work professionally as theatre-makers after their time at Wagner.

“The Theatre Studies major at Wagner opened my eyes to all the possibilities a career in theatre can offer me. The flexibility of the program allowed me to double major in Theatre and English, participate in department and student-run productions, study abroad in London with the IES Abroad Theatre Studies program my junior year, complete a part-time internship with a talent agency my senior year, write and direct my own play as part of my senior thesis project, and pursue my specific academic interests with my thesis paper. The opportunities I had and diverse educational opportunities I was offered gave me a well-rounded understanding of the theatre industry and academia.” --Emily Lagace, Class of 2020.

Requirements For Current Declared Theatre Studies Majors:
Experiential Requirements (1 unit)
Th011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
Th014-18: Production Practicum (4 0 unit experiences)
Foundation Requirements (5 units)
Th103: Script Analysis
Th106: Introduction to Acting
Th111: Introduction to Design and Technology
Th233: Theatre History
En212: Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory
Choose one unit of the following:
Da191: Dance History
Da192: Dance History II: A Cultural, Social, and Historical
Fm201: Introduction to Film Studies
Th218: History of American Film
Th250: The Movie Musical
Th235: Musical Theatre History
Choose three units of the following:
En211: British Literature Survey (W)
En326: Drama Survey (W)
En327: Advanced Drama: Renaissance and Modern (W)
En330: Shakespeare (W)
Sp340: A Window on Spain: Peninsular Survey. (I)
Sp411: Hispanic Drama: Text and Performance
Fr320: French Masterworks in Translation
Fr334: Twentieth Century French Literature
Fr346: A Window on France: French Survey
Choose two units of the following:
Th107 or Th112: Stagecraft or Stagecraft I
Th108: Stage Lighting and Electronics
Th109: Stage Costuming
Th110: Scene Painting
Th211: Stage Properties and the Prop Mistress/Master
Th228: History of Costume and Fashion
Th240: Stage Make-up
Th291: Approved Special Topics in DTM
Th306: Sound Design for the Theatre
Th313: Costume Design
Th321: Scenic Design
Th323: Lighting Design
Th324: Period Styles
Th350: Stage Management
Choose two units of the following:
Th204: Intermediate Acting
Fm210: Introduction to Video Production and Filmmaking
Th229: Devised Theatre
Th242: Commedia dell’Arte
Th255: Acting for the Camera
Th290: Playwriting
Th310: Directing I
Fm322:  Screenplay Writing
Da401: Choreography

Senior Learning Community
Th400: Senior Seminar
Th595: Advanced Theatre Practicum

Cognates: Students will demonstrate some experience in another language so native English speakers must complete two levels of a foreign language.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre & Speech: Theatre Studies (B.A.) Who Declare In 2022 or After 

Foundations (7 units):

  • TH011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
  • TH014-18: Production Practicum (4 0 unit experiences)
  • TH103: Script Analysis (RR)
  • TH106: Introduction to Acting (CC, O)
  • TH111: Introduction to Design and Technology (C, O)
  • EN212: Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory (LL, RR, W)
  • EN330: Shakespeare (RR, WW)
  • TH233: Theatre History (UU, LL)

Creative Practice  (7 units); 

  • EN215: Creative Writing I (CC) (R) (WC)
  • EN316: Creative Writing II (CC) (R) (WC)
  • FM101 Introduction to Filmmaking or FM322 Screenwriting
  • TH229: Devised Theatre (O)
  • TH290 Playwriting (WW) 
  • TH310: Directing I
  • TH311 Directing II

Senior Learning Community (2 units)

TH400: Senior Seminar (WW) & TH595: Advanced Theatre Practicum

Cognates: It is recommended that students complete two semesters of foreign language.

Proposed schedule of classes:

First Year:

  • Script Analysis
  • Intro to Design
  • Intro to Acting
  • Creative Writing I
  • 1 Production Practicum

Second Year:

  • Intro to Literary Theory
  • Devised Theatre
  • Playwriting
  • Introduction to Filmmaking or Screenwriting
  • 1 Production Practicum

Third Year:

  • Theatre History
  • Shakespeare
  • Directing I
  • Directing II
  • 1 Production Practicum: Dramaturgy

Fourth Year:

  • Creative Writing II
  • 2 Theatre Labs
  • Advanced Theatre Practicum
  • Senior Seminar (SLC)
  • 1 Production Practicum