Audition and Casting Information

Audition Schedule For THE PROM, The Vehicles that Brought Me Here and Galatea


Auditions will take place on December 6th and 7th.

The Prom will hold Dance Call and Vocal Call on 12/6.

A more complete schedule will be posted closer to the day.


Link to sign up for auditions

Auditions will close 12/4 at 6:00pm. Auditions are closed please see the SM team.

Gentleman's Guide

PROM Dance Call:

Please wear form fitting clothing, that you feel comfortable to move in. Most importantly, wear something that makes you feel confident! Please bring appropriate dance shoes (heels/sneakers). Although not every character will dance as much as the ensemble will, it is important to see how everyone moves.

PROM Vocal Call:

Please prepare a contemporary pop/rock song in the style of the show that best showcases YOU! Choose a song that best showcases not only your voice, but also your personality. Bring your book in case asked to sing something else.

This play is one with many beautiful messages: putting others before yourself, accepting people as they are despite your differences, and being true to yourself. In this casting process focus on staying true to who YOU are, and your abilities to tell your story.


EMMA NOLAN : Teenager in Indiana. A reluctant poster child for LGBTQIA+ youth. Very smart. A bit of a tomboy quality.

ALYSSA GREEN : A cheerleader and top student. Secretly Emma’s girlfriend. Faces constant pressure from her mother and friends.

HAWKINSON : The straitlaced school principal. An ally to Emma and a long-time fan of Dee Dee.

MRS. GREENE : Alyssa’s intimidating, conservative, but ultimately loving mother. The head of the PTA.

SHELBY, KAYLEE, NICK, KEVIN: Other students at school who bully (but eventually learn to accept) Emma.

BARRY GLICKMAN : Flamboyant Broadway star. Completely politically incorrect and doesn’t know it. Longs to give Emma the prom he was unable to have as a teen.

DEE DEE ALLEN : Broadway diva. A huge ego to match her huge talent. Hilariously self-involved, but yearns to do something good for someone other than herself. TRENT OLIVER: Pretentious Juilliard graduate recently cast in the non-equity tour of Godspell. Loves to hear himself speak.

ANGIE DICKINSON: An ensemble member in the Broadway production of Chicago. Jaded Fosse girl with a heart of gold.

SHELDON: A charismatic press agent.

ENSEMBLE: Olivia Keating, Opening Night Party Attendees, Reporters, High School Students, PTA Members, Motel Clerk, Cast of the non-equity tour of Godspell, Mrs. Greene’s friend, LGBTIA+ Students


Auditions will close 12/4 at 6:00pm. Auditions are closed please see the SM team.

Actors should prepare a minute contemporary monologue- comedic or dramatic.

A Playlist for Summer

Celiana: A teenage girl, just out of high school. She can be naive, but she has a good heart. She has a lot of compassion and she’s a very good person who was just very unlucky to be hurt the way she was. She overcomes it though.

Beckett: Her friend, he’s from the same graduating class and high school. His relationship to himself is heavily influenced by his relationship to Celiana. He’s hard on himself, but he’s trying to be better about his mental health.

Dodie: His sister. Her nickname quite literally is “sister”, everyone calls her it. She was a varsity athlete as a freshman and has a seemingly perfect relationship with her boyfriend of a year.

People You Meet On Your Daily Commute

Ethan: A good looking and collected boy that Bubs meets on the subway

Bubs/Beck/B/Becks/Kye/Beckett: A giver to all of those he entangles himself with, trying to understand the meaning he has in other people’s lives. He is constantly feeling like 10 different people but working through to find his next destination in life

Finn: Beck’s best friend who always gives of himself to help Beck and his conflicts.

Grace: B’s loving and sometimes overly concerned mother who lacks in understanding of B’s life although she cares deeply for him

Hudson: One of Becks’ romantic interests who does not fully understand the effect he has from their relationship, he is only interested in having fun.

Dodie: Bubs’ sister. She is older now, supporting her brother with some naivete. She helps Bubs find a new part of his identity. She was a varsity athlete and still is in a relationship with her boyfriend of multiple years.

Morgan: Beckett’s Uber driver, older and wiser and has no need for identities given by other people, she is assured in herself

Place Of Departure

A (Andrew): Very likable guy who just knows who he is. Truly happy with his life no matter how false it can seem sometimes. He’s gay, but in terms of the stereotype he is not the image one might think of when you think of a gay man. He’s unapologetically him. Would spend a date with someone looking at stars for hours.

B (Beckett): Sees the good in everyone but himself. He is his biggest critic to a dangerous point sometimes, but he’s working on it. On paper, has his life together, but he tends to overshare about the issues in his life which he doesn’t like about himself. He loves the people and world around him. Will always think he is the problem before admitting maybe other people could be the problem. Would spend a night cuddling with someone and watching movies.


Auditions will close 12/4 at 6:00pm. Auditions are closed please see the SM team.

Link to Sides


Director: Joseph Donnelly

AD: Hunter Baum

SM: Allison Borio

Galatea is an Elizabethan era stage play, a comedy by John Lyly. The main plot involves two girls disguised as boys by their fathers; who hope it will help their daughters escape becoming a virgin sacrifice. The show displays themes of gender identity/expression, love, and magic.

We are looking to form a dedicated, diverse, bold, and creative ensemble. Looking for actors with strong language skills. We want to showcase all abilities and skills (instrumentalists, singers, dancers, and anything else you can do)

Please prepare: 1 – 2 minute comedic monologue, preferably classical.

AUGUR: An oracle who warns the citizens of their debt to Neptune and interprets the outcome of the sacrifice

ALCHEMIST: The first of Rafe’s new masters.

ASTRONOMER: The second of Rafe’s new masters.

CUPID: Venus’s son. Likes to wander about in disguise and cause trouble with his arrows of love.

DIANA: Goddess of the hunt. She places a high value on chastity, both for herself and the retinue of nymphs who accompany

her. Diana has no time for the silliness of love.

DICK: One of three shipwrecked brothers attempting to improve their situation either by finding a sympathetic master or by

cunning and cozenage.

ERICTHINIS: Accompanies the sacrificial virgin to the fateful tree.

EUROTA: One of Diana’s nymphs, and a victim of Cupid’s tricks.

GALATEA: A fair maiden. Her father Tityrus disguises her as a boy so she will not be selected as the sacrificial virgin, causing

confusion and unexpected results.

HEBE: The maiden selected to be the sacrificial virgin.

LARISSA: Another of Diana’s nymphs. She also gets caught up in Cupid’s mischief.

MARINER: Comes to shore with the three brothers but doesn’t put up with them for long.

MELIBEUS: Phillida’s father. He decides dressing her in boy’s clothes is a way to keep her safe from Neptune’s sacrifice.

NEPTUNE: The god of the sea. Requires a virgin be sacrificed to him every five years to make up for the citizens’ previous

neglect of him and the destruction of his temple.

PETER: Apprentice to the Alchemist, and just as crafty.

PHILLIDA: Melibeus’s maiden daughter. Like Galatea, her father disguises her as a boy so she will not be sacrificed to Neptun

(again, with unforeseen consequences).

RAFE: Another of the shipwrecked brothers. We follow him in his attempts to find a master that will improve his fortune. RAMIA: Another of Diana’s nymphs who feels the effect of Cupid’s fun.

ROBIN: The last of the three shipwrecked brothers.

TELUSA: Another of Diana’s nymphs on the receiving end of Cupid’s sport.

TITYRUS: Galatea’s father. Like Melibeus, he decides dressing Galatea as a boy will save her from the virgin sacrifice. VENUS: Goddess of love and Cupid’s mom.


Auditions will close 12/4 at 6:00pm. Auditions are closed please see the SM team.