Audition and Casting Information

Audition Schedule For Cradle Will Rock

Tuesday 5/10 –  9:30 to 1:30 initial vocal call

Wednesday 5/11 – callbacks continue 3:00 to 6:30

Online production calendar is not available. See the callboard for the calendar

Online closed please see Nicole Donello to sign up.


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THE CRADLE WILL ROCK - click + for more information

“THE CRADLE WILL ROCK” – AUDITIONS Marc Blitzstein’s 1937 musical comedy/opera/vaudeville/satire/burlesque “The Cradle Will Rock” is perhaps better known for its legendary opening night performance, than for its considerable theatrical achievements. A scathing commentary on the inequities of American society in the 1930s, its story of a billionaire’s attempts to stop his workers from forming a union could be taken directly from today’s headlines. And it’s also very funny. The play is performed in a series of musical vignettes depicting each character’s relationship to the billionaire Mr. Mister. Although rarely performed, there are a number of good recordings available online – I would recommend The Acting Company’s production with Patti LuPone.

For the audition, please prepare 16-32 bars of a standard (Gershwin, Berlin, Porter, Rodgers &Hart, etc. Kurt Weill (a major influence on Blitzstein) would also be a good choice.) Create a sense of CHARACTER in your choice, perhaps using one of the “Cradle” characters as your guide (do some research). Any questions – contact the director –

Character Breakdown

Larry Foreman, Bb2—Eb4 – young, tough, charismatic union organizer

Moll, F#3—C#5  – young streetwalker, naive, down on her luck

Mr. Mister, C3—D4 – Billionaire factory owner, powerful, confident, ruthless

Mrs. Mister, Bb3—Eb5 – his wife – society matron, pretentious but manipulative

Junior, B2—F4 and Sister Mister, B3—D5 – their spoiled adult children, big babies

Reverend Salvation, Bb2–Eb4  – corrupt minister, holier-than-thou

Editor Daily, C3—A4 – newspaper publisher, tough but corruptible

Harry Druggist, B2—Eb4 -and Steve, B3–C4 – shop owner and son

Gus, B3—Eb4 and Sadie Polock , B3—F#5 – immigrant couple, sweet, hopeful

Yasha, A#2—E4 and Dauber, G#2–E4  – musician and artist, fawning sycophants

Ella Hammer, F3—Bb4 – sister of dead factory worker, grief stricken but angry –

Dick   C3—B3

Gent   A2—Bb3

And… Townspeople, Police, The Liberty Committee, Reporters and 3 College Professors.

Online closed please see Nicole Donello to sign up.

Link to materials.