Dance prof teaches online for nonprofit

Ana Leon Bella

Ana Leon Bella, an adjunct dance professor in our Performing Arts department, also teaches therapeutic movement classes with Moving for Life, a non-profit organization “dedicated to helping people challenged by cancer and aging,” the group’s website explains, “through free and low-cost dance exercise classes offered at hospitals, health and wellness centers, libraries and other community-based sites.

“Our methods are supported by research that confirms engagement in therapeutic dance improves quality of life, speeds up recovery time, enhances survivorship, and reduces the chances of recurrence.”

Bella’s work with Moving for Life is a very important part of her vocation as a dance educator.

“When New York City declared social distancing, and all classes were cancelled,” Bella said, “the MFL team and I quickly launched movement classes via Zoom within a matter of days — without the benefit of an I.T. team or consultant.”

Since March 19, Bella and her Moving for Life colleagues have been offering free classes from their living rooms almost every day to those who are most vulnerable: seniors, those in cancer treatment, and cancer survivors.

“Everyone is welcome to join these gentle, somatic movement classes,” Bella said, “where we use movement to not only rev up our immune systems but also enhance well-being through joyful movement by integrating body, mind and spirit.”

For information about Moving for Life’s online classes, visit the MFL calendar.

We salute Professor Ana Bella for continuing to share her training and teaching with those in our community who need her the most.

If you know of another Wagner College student, faculty or staff member making a difference in the community during the coronavirus emergency, please visit our website and tell us about them!