Theatre and Dance Faculty


Rusty Curcio

Head of Dance - Associated Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3308 rcurcio@wagner.edu Main Hall 4

Head of Dance

Phill Hickox

Professor, Head of Design/Technology/Management, Performing Arts

718-390-3326 phickox@wagner.edu Main Hall 3

Professor, Head of Design/Technology/Management

Theresa McCarthy

Associate Professor/Chair, Performing Arts

theresa.mccarthy@wagner.edu Main Hall 9

Acting and theatre making

Vicki Neal

Clinical Professor-Designer/Production Manager, Performing Arts

718-390-3741 victoria.neal@wagner.edu Main Hall 3

Intro To Design, Lighting Design, Advanced Lighting Design, Design Studio, Props, Scene Painting

Michele Pawk

Associate Professor, Performing Arts

718-420-4544 michele.pawk@wagner.edu Main Hall 9

Musical Theatre

Felicia Ruff

Professor, Performing Arts

fruff@wagner.edu Main Hall 5

Professor of Theatre. Gender-related scholarship includes: the Ballet Russes, Oscar Wilde, Grand Guignol, Witches and Witch Plays.

Brian Sgambati

Visiting Assistant Professor, Performing Arts

718-390-3274 brian.sgambati@wagner.edu

Movement; Acting for the Camera

Brian Sharron

Technical Director, Performing Arts

718-390-3157 brian.sharron@wagner.edu Main Hall Scene Shop

Lauri Young

Professor, Performing Arts

lyoung@wagner.edu Main Hall 14

Arts Administration Faculty


Penny Brandt

Assistant Professor, Performing Arts

penny.brandt@wagner.edu Main Hall

Assistant Professor and Director of Arts Administration, Performing Arts Department

Alika Hope

Visiting Assistant Professor, Performing Arts

718-390-3273 alika.hope@wagner.edu

Gary Sullivan

Professor Emeritus

gpsull@wagner.edu Main Hall 2

Director of Arts Administration

Select Adjunct Faculty


Ana Bella

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Ana Leon Bella has worked in movement for over 20 years as a dancer, fitness expert, and dance educator. 

Wendy Cavett

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Acting V, Music Theatre Performance 2

Susan Fenley

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3223 sfenley@wagner.edu

Acting and Public Speaking

Arturo Porazzi

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts

718-390-3223 arturo.porazzi@wagner.edu

Stage Management

Douglas Reside

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Lee Stausland

Adjunct Faculty, Visual Arts

718-390-3192 lstausla@wagner.edu

Management and Financing, Non-Profit vs. For-Profit

Michael Tennenbaum

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3223 michael.tennenbaum@wagner.edu

Acting, Directing, Film, and Public Speaking

Amy Williams

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts

718-390-3313 awilliam@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice. M.F.A., Cornell University; B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton.

Joseph Donnelly

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts




Michelle Siemens

Theatre General Manager, Performing Arts

michelle.siemens@wagner.edu MH 16

Voice Instructor | Mezzo Soprano. M.M., B.M., International performer including: LA Opera, Central City Opera, Opera on the Avalon

Maureen Bradley-Ferrulli

Box Office Manager, Performing Arts

718-390-3259 maureen.bradley-ferrulli@wagner.edu

Diane Catalano

Program Manager, Theatre & The Arts

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