Theatre and Dance Faculty


Rusty Curcio

Head of Dance - Associated Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3308 rcurcio@wagner.edu Main Hall 4

Head of Dance

Phill Hickox

Professor, Head of Design/Technology/Management, Performing Arts

718-390-3326 phickox@wagner.edu Main Hall 3

Professor, Head of Design/Technology/Management

Theresa McCarthy

Associate Professor/Chair, Performing Arts

theresa.mccarthy@wagner.edu Main Hall 9


Vicki Neal

Clinical Professor-Designer/Production Manager, Performing Arts

718-390-3741 victoria.neal@wagner.edu Main Hall 3

Intro To Design, Lighting Design, Advanced Lighting Design, Design Studio, Props, Scene Painting

Michele Pawk

Associate Professor, Performing Arts

718-420-4544 michele.pawk@wagner.edu Main Hall 9

Musical Theatre

Felicia Ruff

Professor, Performing Arts

fruff@wagner.edu Main Hall 5

Full Professor of Theatre. Scholarship involves Oscar Wilde, Grand Guignol Horror Theatre, and Witches, Witchcraft, and Witchhunts.

Brian Sharron

Technical Director, Performing Arts

718-390-3157 brian.sharron@wagner.edu Main Hall Scene Shop

Lauri Young

Professor, Performing Arts

lyoung@wagner.edu Main Hall 14

Arts Administration Faculty


Gary Sullivan

Professor and Director of Arts Administration, Performing Arts

718-390-3271 gpsull@wagner.edu Main Hall 2

Director of Arts Administration

Penny Brandt

Assistant Professor, Performing Arts

penny.brandt@wagner.edu Main Hall

Assistant Professor of Arts Administration, Performing Arts Department

Select Adjunct Faculty


Ana Bella

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Ana Leon Bella has worked in movement for over 20 years as a dancer, fitness expert, and dance educator. 

Wendy Cavett

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Acting V, Music Theatre Performance 2

Susan Fenley

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3223 sfenley@wagner.edu

Acting and Public Speaking

Arturo Porazzi

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts

718-390-3223 arturo.porazzi@wagner.edu

Stage Management

Douglas Reside

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts


Brian Sgambati

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts


Movement; Acting for the Camera

Lee Stausland

Adjunct Faculty, Visual Arts

718-390-3192 lstausla@wagner.edu

Management and Financing, Non-Profit vs. For-Profit

Michael Tennenbaum

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts

718-390-3223 michael.tennenbaum@wagner.edu

Acting, Directing, Film, and Public Speaking

Amy Williams

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts

718-390-3313 awilliam@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice. M.F.A., Cornell University; B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton.

Joseph Donnelly

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts




Maureen Bradley-Ferrulli

Box Office Manager, Performing Arts

718-390-3259 maureen.bradley-ferrulli@wagner.edu

Diane Catalano

Program Manager, Performing Arts and Music

718-390-3223 diane.catalano@wagner.edu
Learn more about our voice instructors on the music faculty page.