Audition and Casting Information

We will be holding auditions for

A Man of No Importance.

Students, you are not required to audition.

The first round of auditions will all be video submissions due Monday, September 14, please send them to Mary Omilian.

Revised 9/14/20


Many of these shows overlap in the calendar please see the rehearsal production calendar at

 Once the department secures the rights we will announce the Spring Title and may adjust the rehearsal calendar currently labeled Once. Below is the link to audition materials, Dance will be adding a video component by the 16th. To access Google drive you will need to be logged in with your Wagner email.


Link to sign up for auditions.


Performers will be cast to perform originally created dances. Music is being investigated, and some consideration are the works of Aretha Franklin along with other great jazz and pop artist.

We will work following Social Distancing protocol throughout rehearsals and performances.   Many of the works will be solos, duets or trios with a strategically designed group pieced that will maintain safety for the performers and audience.   This work will be tailored specifically for our needs and to our talents.  The plan will be to integrate a sense of humor and keep the work light hearted celebrating community and togetherness.  All levels of dancers will be considered.

You will be asked to learn a series of sequences in advance.  These sequences will be posted online and you will have plenty of time to learn them.  Small groups of 4-5 dancers will work with the material, that was previously learned from the online videos, in the studio for the first round of auditions.  A new sequence could be taught for callbacks.

Creative team:

The Director/Choreographer will be Rusty Curcio, Head of Dance.

Scenic Design will be by Phil Hickox.

Lighting Design by Vicki Neal and targeted students from the Lighting class.

Costume design will be by targeted students under the guidance and support of Alan Smith.

Technical Direction by Brian Sharron

Stage Manager: Hailey Delaney

Link to audition sequences. Will be available starting on the 16th. To access Google drive you will need to be logged in with your Wagner email.

Link to music.

Link to sign up for auditions – closed contact Hailey.

“The Jealous Husband” and “The Flying Doctor”

Directed by Mickey Tennenbaum

Looking for 12-16 actors (m/f) to play various roles in these 2 fast-moving farces. Improvisational skills are a plus.

Copies of these plays are available online.

For the audition, please prepare a classical or contemporary comic monologue.

Questions – contact the director  –

Please send initial monologue video to Mickey by August 27th

Link to sign up for auditions.  One line sign up closed.


A Doll’s House Part 2.   By Lucas Hnath

Directed by Brian Sgambati


What happens when one of the most famous heroines in the history of the Theatre, who walked out the door at the end of one of the most celebrated plays ever written…comes back? A Doll’s House Part 2, by cutting-edge playwright Lucas Hnath, imagines the answer to this most beguiling of theatrical questions in this funny, moving, and groundbreaking play. All roles require excellent comic timing, a keen understanding of style, and an emotional readiness that is at once highly theatrical and profoundly real. Performers of all ethnicities will be considered for all roles.

AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS: Please choose the character which you feel the most interested in and best fits you, and prepare the corresponding audition monologue. You need not be memorized, but be sure to be very familiar with the material so you are not stuck with your eyes on the page. Don’t get too caught up in playing the age of the older characters, but instead focus on making them as truthful and human as possible.

Nora: Female, 40-50. Mercurial, proud, defiant, and frayed around the edges, Nora is a very different person than we saw her leave her husband Torvald and her children at the end of Ibsen’s  A Doll’s House. She has been out in the world experiencing a kind of freedom she never thought possible. Her need to return and ask her estranged husband for an official divorce has caused a seismic shift in her perception of herself and the world, and has prompted to her to do something she never imagined herself doing: coming home. A star role for which Laurie Metcalf earned the 2017 Tony Award for Best Leading actress in a play.  Seeking an actress of extraordinary emotional depth and range with a fearless sense of humor and physicality, and a strong command of language.

Torvald: Male, 40-50. World weary and carrying a lingering sadness tinged with a long-simmering anger, Torvald is at once bewildered and strangely excited by his wife’s sudden return.  This is a much more mature Torvald Helmer than we knew in Ibsen’s play. We see and feel the weight of years and the resentment and confusion those years have wrought. Torvald is ultimately a good guy, but is a product of the short-sighted age in which he lives, particularly with regard to gender roles. We want to root for him almost as much as we root for Nora. Seeking a charismatic, seasoned actor who can project gravitas and age naturally and without exaggeration.

Anne-Marie: Female, 60-70. The Helmer family’s faithful maid.  Left to pick up the pieces when Nora walked out, Anne-Marie has been a mother figure to the Helmer children, and has compassionately kept Torvald and the household afloat for the past 15 years with a no-nonsense, practical approach. A role for a gifted comedic actress with a big heart and excellent dramatic skills.

Emmy: Female, 18.  Nora and Torvalds’s daughter- although she barely remembers her mother.  Self-possessed, confident, and sure of herself, Emmy is also capable of childish behavior which reveals her age. She is an innate romantic, whose natural optimism has been tempered by the sadness of her parents’ separation, and this has made her slightly cold and calculating when she needs to be.  A study in contradictions, this is a role for a very capable young actress with a strong sense of humor and a mastery of language.

Please send initial monologue video to  Brian Sgambati, deadline of Monday August 31st for the submissions, but earlier would be better. Link to instructions and sides. 

Link to sign up for auditions. Online sign up closed see Alyssa B. the Stage Manager.

Directed by Michele Pawk

Music Direction Lauri Young

A Man of No Importance by Flaherty and Ahrens has a distinctively Irish sensibility in both scene and song.  The music has a beautiful simplicity and the orchestrations put us smack dab in the heart of  Dublin.   All of the characters (with the exception of Robbie) sing in moderate ranges so the musical demands are not extreme.   Robbie is a high belty tenor so if you are interested in that part we need to see some range (belt high A).

Please prepare 16 bars of something lyrical that also demonstrates character from the musical theatre period of approximately 1970-2010. If you can do an Irish accent, please show us that as well. Because this piece is not vocally demanding, please research the show thoroughly.  Through your audition, show us where you would fit in the working class conservative world of Catholic Dublin in 1963.

We are also in need of instrumentalists for the show.  If you play an instrument please include one minute of your best playing in your video audition.  If you are able to accompany yourself that is great but not required.  If you play multiple instruments, pick your best.  We are especially interested in guitar, bass, violin, cello, flute and keyboard.

The first round of auditions will all be video submissions due Monday, September 14.  Please send videos to Mary Omilian.

Many of these shows overlap in the calendar please see the rehearsal production calendar at

Link to sign up for auditions.