Full Time Internship

Final Semester - Full Time Internship

After all other degree requirements have been completed, students are expected to work off campus for one full semester in a credit-bearing internship with an approved arts or arts-related organization. Arts Administration professors assist students in finding an internship appropriate to their skill sets and career aspirations. Most, but not all, internships occur within the metropolitan New York region. All internships are subject to approval by Arts Administration faculty, and students must execute a contract between themselves, the employing institution, and Wagner. Students then work full time (not fewer than 30 hours a week) during the academic semester. Candidates must ensure the following: that the field experiences are appropriate to their content specialization(s) and programmatic levels; that their site supervisor’s evaluations are completed and their site work schedule is substantively documented and verified.

In order be considered for an internship at a “remote site” (outside the five boroughs of New York City) a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The completed application for an internship at a remote site is due for submission by November 15th. All other completed applications/letters of agreement must be submitted by January 15th or a student may not be eligible to enter into the senior seminar and internship in the spring semester. Once fully completed internship applications/letters of agreement are submitted to the program director, the decision whether to approve or disapprove the internship will be made within three business days.