Applicants to Wagner College Theatre Performance major will receive an invitation to audition based on college application materials. Admissions will inform you when you are required to submit your audition video.


Record a single video that includes these four sections

  • Introduction: Tell us about yourself in a one minute unscripted moment.  Be creative!
  • Acting: Prepare a one minute monologue from a published play of your choice. You should choose material that speaks to you-and do not shy away from humor and joy in your material. We are looking for performers who tell the truth, so let this be the cornerstone of your work.
  • Vocal: Prepare one minute each of two contrasting musical theatre selections. Material should be age appropriate and show us something about who you are not only as an actor but also as a person.

Note on Accompaniment:  The video submission accompaniment should be a live pianist or a piano track created for the applicant.  Please avoid overproduced karaoke tracks.  We also welcome applicants to accompany themselves on piano or guitar.

  • Dance: Prepare a 1 minute dance that shows your personality while executing a dance based performance. When possible, depending on your level of dance expertise, integrate the following aspects that offer you the opportunity to show your technique/training and level of mastery:   a stationary turn (Pirouette), traveling turn, a leap with clear form and a big kick.  

For artistic expression – connect to the character of the dance and make dynamic choices in qualities of movement.  You could consider integrating a pushed or syncopated rhythm when considering your relationship to the music choice to show more advanced work.  

Callback/Acceptance Procedure: Applicants will be accepted on the basis of the academic requirements of the college as well as their submitted audition. Notifications for acceptance will be made beginning February 8, 2021.

To apply for the DTM program you first need to apply to Wagner College through the Admissions office. Once they have reviewed your completed file you will be invited to interview for the DTM program.

For the interview please send a brief video (2 to 5 minutes) introducing yourself and send along a resume.  On November 21st, January 23rd and February 6th we will have Zoom Interview days.  We will do an overview of the program, hang out and chat and then do individual interviews. If you are unavailable, we will set up individual interviews on other days.  

In the video, we want to learn a little bit about you and your interest in Design, Technology and Management. At the interview, you will have an opportunity to share your portfolio with us. 

A portfolio might include: examples of your skills in drawing, sketching, and painting; any theatre design work; prompt books or examples of other stage management work; photographs of productions; items that you feel might be helpful in getting to know you. The portfolio is to help jump-start the interview, please bring whatever you have.

Prospective students in either Performance or Design/Technology/Management  will be invited to audition or interview after their Wagner College application has been reviewed by the Admissions Office.  Unlike many performing arts programs, the first review for prospective theatre majors at Wagner College is academic.

All inquiries regarding your application to Wagner College should be directed to the Admissions Office at 718-390-3411.  The faculty will answer your questions about the major.

After graduation it becomes more and more clear that Wagner College was without a doubt, the best place for me to find myself as a person and as a performer. Wagner College has made me as prepared for this crazy field as one can be, and I think this is the most valuable thing we could have received. You all hold an insanely special place in my heart, and I thank my lucky stars you all touched my life in the profound ways that you have.”

-Danielle Peyton Materese ’11