Wagner College Theatre Audition Day 4 February 2024

Wagner College’s Department of Performing Arts provides students with a strong liberal arts background combined with intensive experiential learning. By combining theory and practice, the department seeks to foster a sense of community, artistic integrity, intellectual expertise, and the best professional values to serve students in their chosen careers. Our close proximity to New York City and Broadway offers student performance opportunities at the highest levels. Our faculty comprises practitioners working at the forefront of Theatre, Film, and Television, supporting a dynamic curriculum of diverse course offerings and developmental training. We offer degree programs in:

  • Arts Administration (B.S.)
  • Dance Education (B.S.)
  • Dual Major in Theatre and Speech and Childhood Education 1-6 (B.A.)
  • Theatre and Speech (B.A.)
    • Performance Concentration
    • Design/Technology/Management Concentration
    • Theatre Studies Concentration