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Physics majors receive a broad but rigorous education in basic scientific principles that govern the behavior of matter and energy in nature.

The program provides hands-on experience in electronics, optics, nuclear physics, astronomy and solar energy. Students also take courses in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and the liberal arts. Senior students pursue research projects. The College’s planetarium provides a rich enhancement to the program. Most graduates pursue graduate study or enter highly competitive positions in industry and education.


The chemistry department at Wagner College is composed of four faculty members currently, all of whom are actively involved in teaching and research.

The areas of research cover the investigation of arsenic in drinking water, chemical education, artificial intelligence in chemistry, the synthesis of new polymers, and computational drug discovery.

Chemistry majors will perform research closely with a faculty advisor as part of their senior RFT, and are expected to present their findings in either a paper or at a conference.

A wide variety of courses are offered by the chemistry department, designed to give our majors the best education possible and to prepare them for which ever career path they select, be that industry, graduate school or medical school.