The PA Program Curriculum

Requirements for the BS/MS in Advanced PA Studies

Twenty-seven (27) units or 108 credits in PA courses offered during the three-year PA Program:

• PA 411E/411 Medical Science I (Clinical Anatomy, Medical Physiology)
• PA 412 Medical Science II (Pathophysiology & Human Genetics; Medical Microbiology & ID)
• PA 416 Clinical Prep Science I (Patient Assessment, Radiology Interpretation)
• PA 417 Primary Care and Pharmacotherapeutics I (Primary Care I and Pharmacotherapeutics I)
• PA 418 PA Professional Practice (Human Behavior & Cultural Sensitivity, Introduction to Clinical Medicine)
• PA 421 Emergency and Surgical Medicine (Emergency Medicine; Surgical Medicine)
• PA 422 General Medicine (General Medicine; Interpretation of Lab Data)
• PA 423 Maternal and Child Health (Women's Health, Pediatrics)
• PA 424 Primary Care and Pharmacotherapeutics II (Pharmacotherapeutics II; Primary Care II)


PA 514E/514 Advanced Health Assessment
PA 452 Clinical Practice in Primary Care & Family Medicine
PA 454 Clinical Practice in Surgery, General Practice
PA 436 Clinical Practice in Pediatrics, General Practice
PA 441 Clinical Practice in Women’s Health
PA 442 Clinical Practice in Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine
PA 504 Medical Literature Review & Analysis

Elective: (Select 2 – 1 unit each)
PA 462 Clinical Practice in Primary Care & Community Health
PA 463 Clinical Practice in Primary Care & Adolescent Medicine
PA 501 Art and Practice of Health Education
PA 503 Leadership Development & Professionalism

PA 532 Clinical Practice in Advanced Medicine
PA 535 Clinical Practice in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care
PA 536 Clinical Practice in Emergency Medicine, Main ED
PA 544 Clinical Practice in Surgery, Advanced Practice
PA 613 Critical Thinking in Medicine I
PA 614 Critical Thinking in Medicine II

Elective: (Select 4/3 credits each)
PA 502 The Challenges of Medical Ethics
PA 503 Leadership Development & Professionalism
PA 534 Clinical Practice in Medicine & Long Term Care
PA 631 Clerkship – Developing Community Health
PA 644 Clerkship – Advanced Procedures and Skills
PA 693 Independent Study

Capstone Courses:
PA 791 Research Design
PA 798 Thesis