Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes of the PA Program

The goals of the Wagner College PA Program are to prepare the PA to become a health care provider of quality care:

Goal I : Integrate the three tenets of academic knowledge, clinical skills, and professionalism
into a comprehensive curriculum that prepares future competent professionals.

Goal II : Facilitate through a sequential ‘building block’ curriculum the acquisition of
knowledge for the successful completion of the program.

Goal III : Provide learning opportunities that promote the development of critical thinking and
medical decision making skills.

Goal IV : Enhance clinical competencies by providing experience in a spectrum of settings with
patients across the lifespan requiring varying aspects of patient care.

Goal V : Guide the development of professionally relevant research projects leading to the
dissemination of findings at public forums and at a thesis defense.

For information on the outcomes of these goals, see the Goals and Outcomes document.