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Welcome to the Pre-Health Program at Wagner College

This website contains the most recent information about the program including admission and standards.

This website was created by the Pre–Professional Health Committee to aid students interested in a career in the health sciences. The emphasis of this website is on pre–medical, pre–veterinary and pre–dental programs. Much of the information is also applicable for those interested in podiatry, chiropractic care, occupational therapy, optometry, physical therapy or pharmacy as a career.

The guide details many of the aspects which need to be considered by a student interested in a career in the health sciences, and explains how the Pre–Professional Health Program works at Wagner College. Students should use the menu on the left to find the particular information they are looking for.

Should there be a conflict of information between this guide and other written information provided by Wagner College, consult with a member of the Pre–Professional Health Committee for clarification.

If there are any questions, please email Dr. Racquel DeCicco at or Dr. Christopher Marra at

About The Program

The Pre-professional Health Program (Pre-Health Program) is an advisory program for students interested in careers in the health sciences. The Program is co-directed by Dr. DeCicco, department of Physical Sciences, and Dr. Marra, department of Biological Sciences.

The co-chairs advise students throughout their undergraduate education on course and Program requirements, and on how to become a successful candidate for health science programs. The co-chairs also advise students on the application process and provide qualified students with committee letters.

In order to give students the greatest possible assistance in reaching their career goals, the program has been designed to encourage students to work exceptionally hard throughout their time at Wagner College, and gain as much experience as possible. It is this commitment to hard work, which will prepare you for entry into your chosen professional school.