The following are a list of forms you will need to complete to either enter the program or remain within the program. Each form is available in PDF format so that it can be easily printed out, completed and returned to the Pre–Professional Health Program committee.

Entry Questionnaire: This form is to be completed for conditional entry into the program. Typically it will be completed at the start of, or during, the freshman year at Wagner College.

Letter of Reference Release: This letter is an acknowledgement that any letters of reference written either by or for the committee will remain confidential, and will only be viewed by the committee and professional schools. This form must be completed upon entry into the program.

Junior Year Questionnaire: This form is to be completed before the end of the junior year. It updates the entry questionnaire, and provides valuable information to the committee for the writing of the committee recommendation letter.

Self Assessment Essay: This document gives an outline of the self assessment essay that is to be completed at the end of each academic year by students in the program.

Guidelines for Evaluators: This form is a guideline you may wish to give to those whom you have asked to write a letter of recommendation for you. It outlines what a successful letter of recommendation should contain.

Evaluation Checklist: This checklist is to be given to each person you ask to write a letter of evaluation to. They are to complete it and return it along with the letter of evaluation.