2013 Psychology Awards

Psychology Awards
The Psychology Department Award is awarded to a graduating senior in psychology
with an outstanding academic record.

The 2013 winner is Michael Chicolo

The Robert deCsipkes Memorial Awards were established by the family of Robert deCsipkes, class of 1966, and are awarded to the graduating seniors in psychology who, in the opinion of the psychology department faculty have outstanding academic and professional potential. The winners for 2013 are:

Robert deCsipkes Award for Research Potential in Psychology
Julia Dweck

Robert deCsipkes Award for Clinical Potential in Psychology
Mary Beth Somich

The Gertrude Aull Award, which is named after the first chair of the Psychology Department, is presented to the underclass psychology major who has great potential as a psychologist. The 2013 winner is Jennifer Durso.

The first recipient of the new Biopsychology Award, awarded to the outstanding graduate in the biopsychology major (as decided by the Psychology and Biology Departments) is Katie Yoest.