Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Jessica England

Dr. Amy Eshleman

My research interests span the field of social psychology, with specific attraction to problems in the areas of prejudice, stigma, social influence, the social construction of gender, and behavioral economics. I enjoy collaborating with students at each stage of the research process: formulating a hypothesis, developing the methodology to test the hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting results. I am open to assisting students in the development of new lines of research.

Dr. Iman Feghhi

Dr. Laurence Nolan

My research interests are in human and animal eating behavior in all aspects: learning, perceptual (especially taste), physiological, cognitive, social and including aspects of eating disorders. My recent work has focused on emotional eating, the relationship between drug use and eating, and the relationship between eating behavior and sleep. Students may generate their own projects (independent study) or work on ongoing projects (internship) and may present their work at conferences and earn authorship on publications.

Dr. Carolyn Taverner