Human Experimentation Review Board (HERB)

Board Members (Spring 2020)

  • Steve Jenkins, Ph.D., Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Amy Eshleman, Ph.D., Vice-Chair, Professor of Psychology
  • Brian Palestis, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
  • Sarah Donovan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Utteeyo Dasgupta, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Meagan McKenna, student
  • Maureen Marlow, IBR (community member)
  • Laurence Nolan, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology (alternate)

HERB is an institutional review board (IRB) created by the Psychology Department to review the use of human participants in research at Wagner College. Students and faculty are encouraged to submit their proposals for the use of human participants to the HERB chair for review. HERB welcomes submissions from all members of the Wagner community regardless of academic discipline. However, medical research should be forwarded to the IRB of the appropriate affiliated institution.

Wondering if you need to use HERB? Or another IRB?  Download FAQ here (updated October 2015).

HERB is registered with the federal Office of Human Research Protections (Wagner College  IRB #1 - HERB). The files below will provide additional information about HERB and the application and review process.

There are two ways to submit a proposal to HERB:

  1. Proposals may be submitted online through the form linked below.
  2. Paper submissions should be delivered to the Social Sciences Office (Parker Hall 211) addressed to HERB chair.

All communication should be with the chair of HERB only. Do not submit proposals to committee members.

HERB does not arrange for use of the Psychology Department Participant Pool (open to psychology students and faculty only) but HERB approval is required prior to arranging to use the pool.

HERB Policy

Online HERB Application

HERB Application in PDF file

Status Report for Approved HERB Projects (Apply for substantive changes to an approved HERB project, update the status of a project, or report the completion of a project.)

Sample informed consent form (edit to suit your purposes)
Belmont Report (Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research)