Psychology Major (BA and BS)

Academic Programs

The Psychology Department  offers two degree programs in psychology. One leading to the BA and the other leading to the BS degree.

Degree Programs and Courses

To declare a major in psychology, please go to the Social Sciences Office in 211 Parker Hall

Anna Freud was a prominent psychoanalyst interested in child development.

Anna Freud

  • BA Option: A minimum of 11 units in Psychology. DOWNLOAD BA Psychology Checklist
  • BS Option: Student must satisfy the requirements for the BA and must satisfy the requirements for a minor in one of the natural sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, computer science, or mathematics. DOWNLOAD BS Psychology Checklist

Course of Study

Piaget was a Swiss psychologist interested in cognitive psychology and child development.

Jean Piaget

Please see a copy of the Wagner College Undergraduate Academic Catalog for course descriptions. Some of these courses have prerequisites.
Students are required to complete 11 courses in psychology

A. Five core courses (with suggested time to enroll; all core courses are offered in fall and spring semesters):

  • PS 101 Introduction to Psychology (freshman)
  • PS 116 Psychological Statistics and Methodology (recommended sophomore year)
    *includes PS 116L (lab), fulfills General Education requirement for Technological Competency
  • PS 213 Psychological Testing (recommended junior year, 116 required)
    Psychology: Then and Now

    • PS 400 Senior RFT in Psychology
    • PS 441 History of Psychology

B. At least two of the following experimental psychology courses
(Note: students are required to have completed PS 116 prior to enrolling in these courses).  You are encouraged to take more than two if you are planning to apply to a doctoral program.

  • PS 302 Learning and Motivation
  • PS 303 Sensation and Perception
  • PS 304 Memory and Thinking
  • PS 305 Environmental Psychology
  • PS 306 Human Development
  • PS 308 Social Psychology

Ventral surface of human brain

C. And at least four additional psychology courses (including additional experimental psychology courses if you wish).

*Note: If you have psychology as a second major, your senior LC will be in your first major. However, you must complete PS 441. To complete 11 units in psychology without PS 400, you will need to complete an additional elective in psychology in its place.