Psychology Senior Learning Community


Configuration of the Psychology Major Senior Learning Community with examples of field placements.

The Senior Learning Community "Psychology: Then and Now" is the capstone experience for psychology (and some biopsychology) majors at Wagner College. It is a 2-unit combination, taken in the same semester, of History of Psychology (PS 441) and the Reflective Tutorial (RFT = PS 400) where students explore the origins of modern psychology and its application in contemporary society.  In the LC, each student will write a senior thesis and make at least one presentation.

The RFT has as one of its components an opportunity for experiential learning (learning by doing). Students will engage in 100 hours of field work or practicum at a site they choose in collaboration with the RFT instructor. The placement is determined at the end of the semester before the student takes the RFT.  It is with an organization where the student can observe and engage in how psychology is applied in the "real world." At meetings of the RFT, students reflect on what it means to be a practitioner of psychology in various settings. Placement sites include hospitals, social service agencies, mental health clinics, businesses, legal and government offices, and research laboratories. See the Psychology Department website for ideas under the internships link. Placements can also be found at the Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning (CCDEL) located in the Union.

Students who want to enroll for an Internship (PS 497) or Independent Study (PS 593) in addition to the senior LC may do so in another semester.  Experiences such as these do not replace the senior LC placement for the senior RFT.

The senior LC is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

updated August, 2013