Mission Statement

Psychology is a diverse discipline related to many other academic fields. Psychological inquiry takes a variety of approaches, including the biological, behavioral, social, cognitive, clinical and existential.

The Department has three basic goals.

First, to introduce students to the breadth of the field.

Second, to teach students how to develop and master the tools, techniques, and methodologies of the field. The required skills common to all careers in psychology include the following:

  1. writing a competent paper in American Psychological Association (APA) style;
  2. utilizing and evaluating basic statistical techniques used in psychological research;
  3. understanding basic psychometrics (psychological tests and measurements);
  4. employing the basic principles of sound research design and methodology; and
  5. being able to locate, read, and evaluate the primary literature in psychology and related disciplines.

Third, to develop the critical thinking skills. Students are challenged to develop an independent approach to psychological questions and issues that is clear and logical. They learn to approach data with an open mind and appreciate that truth is not always simple, good minds often disagree, and even the best ideas are open to criticism.