Internships in Psychology

All students engage in a practicum (internship) in the psychology senior learning community. If you wish an additional experience, you can sign up for internship (PS 497) in another semester should you wish to do an internship as a junior or in another semester. Please see your advisor or the Psychology Department Chair for more information.

A practicum or internship can include placement in a social service agency, a laboratory, a business, legal organization, etc.
Psychology Department: You are encouraged to contact any psychology faculty member to discuss your interest in an internship. Research oriented placements are also available in area research laboratories. If you have you own placement idea, please bring it to our attention!

Washington Center: Internships are available for students interested in working and living in Washington, DC for a summer or semester. Typical placements include a summer at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a government agency lab, or a Washington area university psychology lab. If interested, see Dr. Kraus in the Government and Politics department (he is the official liaison between Wagner and the Center). You may also want to speak with Dr. Nolan since he interned at NIMH through this program when he was an undergraduate. Credit at Wagner is available. Optimal time to do this: Junior year. Link to Washington Center web site.

CREDIT: For internship placements outside the senior learning community (both clinical and laboratory), students should register for PS 497. Students who wish to conduct an independent research project (e.g. honors projects) should register for PS 593. The student must be supervised by a full-time member of the psychology department (indicated by section letter) and there is paper work that must be filed. See Wagner College Undergraduate Bulletin for internship guidelines and see your psychology advisor!