Crime Prevention

Wagner College’s Public Safety Office prides itself on maintaining a safe and secure campus environment for its students, faculty, and staff. The members of the Department are committed to the highest standards of quality in promoting a safe and problem-free educational environment.

We encourage the Wagner College community to take an active roll in assisting the Public Safety Office by never leaving personal belongings unattended, locking all doors, locking windows, crossing at crosswalks, traveling in well lit highly traveled areas, removing all items from parked vehicles, and by reporting suspicious activity immediately. Working together, we can provide a safer environment for the campus community.

Students, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged to report crimes and public safety related incidents to the Public Safety Office at Wagner College in an accurate and timely manner.  To report criminal activity and other emergencies, contact the Public Safety Main Booth at 718-390-3148  24 hours a day.

Every member of the Wagner College community is encouraged to take an active role in reporting hazardous conditions, criminal activity or any emergency.  Any time immediate response is needed or a person is unsure of whom to call, contact the Main Booth.  The Public Safety Officer on duty will make other notifications, as needed.  As deemed appropriate, an emergency notification or timely warning of a crime that poses an ongoing threat to the College community will be initiated.

Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes are located around campus- on parking lots and along walkways.  The Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes will connect you directly to Public Safety.  Emergency Blue Light Call Box Map

Crime Prevention Guide