Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes have been strategically placed throughout the campus for the safety of the Wagner Community. The Emergency Call Boxes, when activated, automatically contact the Wagner College Public Safety Central Radio Dispatch, notifying the Public Safety Dispatcher the caller’s exact location.

Students and staff are encouraged to learn the location of emergency call boxes and to use them for all security and emergency communications.

Any problems regarding the condition and/or use of the Emergency Call Boxes should be forwarded to the Wagner College Public Safety Office for immediate attention. If an emergency should arise, individuals can use the Emergency Call Boxes or an in-house phone by dialing x3148, to contact the Wagner College Public Safety Central Dispatch.

Call Box Operation and Instructions

  • Push the RED button
  • Speak clearly and calmly
  • Dispatcher will receive automatic notification of the caller’s location
  • State your emergency
  • Follow the dispatchers instructions
  • While on the line assistance will be dispatched to your location
  • Do not leave the area unless your physical safety is in danger

    If you are being followed, chased, or threatened, activate a Call Box and keep moving to the nearest occupied building, activating other Call Boxes as you pass.

  • All Call Box activations are investigated regardless of a response.
Emergency Call Box Locations

  • Stadium Parking Lot
  • Spiro Parking Lot
  • Upper Tiers Parking Lot
  • Middle Tiers Parking Lot
  • Lower Tiers Parking Lot
  • Tennis Courts
  • Front of Mergele Science Building – Foundation Lot Side
  • Union Hall Loading Dock
  • Towers Walkway
  • Guild Hall Roadway


Campus Map with Call Box Locations