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  • Tailgating begins 3 hours prior to game time when the lot opens.
  • All tailgaters must leave parking area at start of the game
  • Tailgating is NOT PERMITTED during halftime or after the game.
  • Drinking games are not allowed.
  • Tailgating is an event for Alumni, Students over 21, Parents, Visiting Team Guests and Touchdown Club supporters ONLY.
  • RV's, large trucks, and buses prohibited.
  • Drinking age is 21.  Providing alcohol to minors or consumption by person under 21 is illegal and carries serious penalties.
  • Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages permitted during tailgating.
  • Beer kegs, Party Balls, Funnels, drinking paraphernalia is PROHIBITED.
  • Glass bottles are prohibited in parking areas.
  • Portable grills are permitted in the tailgating area - gas grills are preferred.  If you use charcoal grills, receptacles will be available for disposing hot coals.
  • Tents can only be 10' x 10' and must be weighted.
  • No alcohol in the Stadium
  • Remember to CLEAN UP after yourselves, trash bins provided.
  • Due to risk of injury, ball playing or Frisbee throwing will not be allowed on parking surfaces.
  • Solicitation is prohibited.  The selling of any item by anyone other than college personnel is prohibitied unless the college has granted prior approval.
  • Respect the rights of others.  Avoid the use of loud and abusive language and behavior, which prevents others from enjoying tailgating and the game.
  • NO LOITERING in the parking lot.

To provide a safe, non-threatening, and healthy campus environment for our faculty, staff, and students, no pets are permitted on the campus or in college residence halls. The only exceptions to this policy include dogs that are on the premises for instructional use and certified service animals for people with disabilities.


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