To provide a safe, non-threatening, and healthy campus environment for our faculty, staff, and students, no pets are permitted on the campus  with the exception of certified service animals for people with disabilities.


The Parking lot will open two hours in advance of a home football game.  The lot will be staffed by Public Safety officers, and the fee to park is $10.00.

Tailgating may consist of congregating in the lot by your vehicle (no RV’s) and consuming snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.  The lot and the entrance to the stadium will be cleared approximately 10 minutes prior to kick off.  The lot must be cleared 45 minutes following the conclusion of the game.

The use of any type of grill and the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the stadium parking lot.  LOITERING AND SOLICITATION IS PROHIBITED.

Rules for Ferry Shuttle Service
December 7, 2022
● Riders will load and unload at designated spots ● Riders must wear seat belts while on the shuttles