Public Safety goes beyond keeping you safe. We also offer services to make your time on campus enjoyable and convenient.

Wagner College provides free Ferry Shuttle service from the Campus to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.  The shuttle departs Campus at 10 minutes and 40 minutes after the hour.  The pick up locations on Campus are the front of Parker Hall, and the gazebo near the main security booth.

Effective Thursday, March 28 at 7am, the Ferry Shuttle will pick up and drop off passengers at the Wagner College Ferry Shuttle stop at the St. George Ferry Terminal. The shuttle departs the Staten Island Ferry Terminal from the top level of the Ferry at 10 minutes and 40 minutes after the hour. Any questions regarding the Ferry Shuttle service can be addressed by calling 718-390-9335 or 718-390-3148.


SPRING 2024 Ferry Shuttle Service

The Spring Ferry Shuttle Service will resume its full schedule starting on Thursday, January 18, 2024. Please see the schedule posted below for all days and times.  Any questions please call Transportation Supervisor, Karen Quigley, at 718-390-9335.

During the semester (when classes are in session), these links provide information on normal scheduling for the ferry shuttle:






Escort 1

Public Safety also provides a walking/golf cart escort service on an “as needed” basis to students and staff who request it. Handicap escorts are also provided. Call 718-390-3148 should you need an escort.

Escorts are provided to all locations within the Public Safety patrol area. The service is to allow safe travel from one location to another with a greater sense of security.


Your Wagner College ID card serves as your identification card, and access card and must be carried with you at all times. Your ID card can also be used for:

  • access to the dorms, dining halls and fitness center
  • identification for computer labs, library, and mail
  • admittance to functions and programs on campus
  • identification for purchases on campus and parking permits
  •  meal plans

The following may make your ID card unusable:

  • placing stickers on the card
  • placing it near a strong magnet
  • putting it through the wash
  • bending, cutting, punching a hole or scratching your card in any way

Students must report to House #4 Monday-Friday, between 8:30 AM-4:30PM, to obtain a replacement identification card. There is no charge for the first card, but student will be charged a $30.00 fee for any replacements after the initial card is issued. We no longer issue temporary cards.

For replacement Identification Cards, click here and complete the form. Your new ID card must be picked up at the Public Safety Office during office hours, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30PM.

All items found on campus that are lost should be turned in to any Public Safety officer or the Public Safety Office. Found or recovered items will be recorded and stored in the Public Safety office “Lost & Found”. Persons who have lost property should report it to the Public Safety office.

Public Safety does not permit the random rummaging through the Lost and Found area for lost items. If an item is reported lost and it is located by the Public Safety, you will be contacted by telephone or email and arrangements will be made to return the property. Found property will be stored until the end of the semester.

Every effort is made to restore lost items to their rightful owners, however, it is the owner’s responsibility to report and/or claim lost articles.

Parking & Driving Regulations

It is important that every individual operating an automobile know and obey the parking and driving regulations of the college. The rules and regulations below are enforced by Wagner College Public Safety Officers.

Parking Assignments

Resident, Commuter and Graduate Students

  • Stadium Lot
  • Upper Tiers

Full Time Faculty and Administration

  • Spiro Lot
  • Foundation Lot
  • On Campus Parking

Adjunct Faculty

  • Lower Tier
  • Spiro Lot (after 4:00PM)


  • Spiro Lot
  • Lower Tier


  • Lower Tier

If parking lots are full, there is also parking on the streets around the campus.

Parking Permits

All faculty, administration, staff and students operating motor vehicles (including motorcycles) on campus must have their vehicle(s) registered with the Public Safety Office.  A parking permit application can be completed at the Public Safety Office (House #4, across from the Union building) Monday-Friday between 8:30AM-4:30PM.  Permits are free of charge.  A valid Wagner ID card is required, as well as pertinent vehicle information, for a campus parking permit.  Vehicle permits must be affixed to the passenger window on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

You may also submit this form online and pick up your permit within 3 days at the Public Safety Office.

Speed Limits

Drivers must operate vehicles in a safe manner with regard to traffic and road surface conditions.  Vehicles must be operated in control and at a safe speed not to exceed a maximum limit of 15 miles per hour.

Handicapped Parking

Those parking in a handicapped parking space must display either handicapped license plates or tag.  Those who do not will be ticketed, fined $50.00 and/or towed at the driver’s expense.

Parking Surfaces

Driving and parking is permitted on asphalt paved parking lots and roadways only.  Driving on pave block walkways is prohibited except for service, maintenance and emergency vehicles.  Parking or driving on grassed areas is also prohibited.  Parking is permitted only in a delineated spot (between two white lines).

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is defined as driving with “will or wanton disregard for the safety of life or property.”  Reckless driving will not be tolerated.  Persons guilty of reckless driving on campus may have their campus driving/parking privileges withdrawn.

Violations and Penalties


  • Parking on or over lines
  • Parking without authorization
  • Unregistered vehicles


  • Parking in fire lane
  • Exceeding 15 MPH speed limit


  • Parking on campus roadway
  • Blocking driveway, walk, entrance, stairs, etc.


  • Reckless driving
  • Unauthorized parking in a handicapped space

Payment for violations can be made in the Business Office on the first floor of Cunard Hall.  Until all outstanding summonses are paid in full, grades and transcripts will be withheld and the transgressor will be unable to register for additional classes.  Anyone wishing to protest his/her violation must do so within five (5) school days of receipt (date) of the summons by submitting a summons appeal form available in the Public Safety Office or on the link in the right column.

If an appeal is not filed within the five day period, fines will automatically be charged to your account. All appeals will be reviewed by the Parking Appeals Board consisting of two students, one staff member, one faculty member, one college administrator and one Public Safety administrator.

Van service is provided and requires advance reservation. Van Reservation Forms can be found here.

For FYP or Port Richmond Partnership vans your reservation must be submitted 48 Hours in advance

FYP/Port Richmond Partnership Van Reservation Request Form

For Athletics, Special Events or Trips reservations request must be submitted 7 days in advance of the event.

Athletics and Special Events