The Office is responsible for security on the Wagner College campus and consists of a Director, Assistant Director, Supervisors, Patrol Officers and a Secretary.  All Public Safety Officers are certified by the New York State.  Some officers have prior law enforcement experience.  The College also provides ongoing training for patrol officers in the area of patrol procedures, emergency response, report writing, etc.

The Office works very closely with the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.  Possession of  firearms or any weapons on campus is strictly prohibited.  Arrests of individuals on College property are made by New York City Police with the assistance of the Public Safety Office. Upon receipt of any complaint (criminal or otherwise), an officer will respond to handle the situation as appropriate.  A follow-up investigation will be conducted for those incidents which require it.  An incident report is always written to document the event.



Edwin Moss

Director of Public Safety, Public Safety


Monica Wohltjen

Assistant Director, Public Safety


Darrell Hayes

Public Safety Officer, Public Safety

Charles Zambito

Shift Supervisor, Public Safety


Vinny D'Orio

Shift Supervisor, Public Safety

Public Safety Officers

  • Carmella Cameron
  • Albert Cicero
  • Stephen Cottone
  • Jeffery Desio
  • William Holland
  • Thomas Kingston
  • James Lynagh
  • Joseph Maniscalco
  • Thomas Meehan
  • Paul Putkowski
  • Fares Safatle
  • Carlos Torruello
  • Alan Vanger
  • Patrick Weir
  • Kevin Wise

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