Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule

2017-18 Academic Year

2017-18 Academic Calendar

Final Exam Schedule:

Final Exam for Fall 2017

 Notes for Fall 2017:


Jewish High Holy Days:

This academic year the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah, which marks the start of Hebrew Year, begin at sunset on September 20 and continue through nightfall on September 22. Yom Kippur begins Sunset on September 29 and ends at nightfall on September 30.

Wagner College is committed to making every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious observances of instructors, students, and staff.

Wagner values cultural diversity and endeavors to support it.  Non-attendance of class on religious holidays by those observing will be excused without penalty.

We encourage students and their instructors in developing mutually agreed upon and reasonable accommodations.

Faculty are reminded that there is a prohibition on exams/quizzes, etc. which has been identified on the academic calenda.

Faculty observing religious holidays that conflict with their class schedule should give appropriate advance notice to students to allow accommodations.


2018 Summer Sessions - to be displayed in March 2018