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This is your handbook for information you will want to know

This website prototype is the portal to understand the difference of (FERPA) Family Education Rights and Privacy Act that protects the educational records of each student that attends Wagner College and to provide the most asked questions of the Registrar’s Office.


Wagner College is committed to working with parents in a partnership in order to contribute to each student’s education.  There are a variety of resources for parents to utilize as they partner with the staff in Campus Life to ensure a positive, safe, and healthy experience for their student while the student is at Wagner.  The new MyWagner portlet for parents provides information needed during their student’s time at Wagner College.

We are legally held to keep a student’s educational record private and only if the student gives expressed written permission to discuss with a third party.   There is a distinct difference of the primary and secondary (elementary and high school) access versus post secondary legal responsibilities (college and universities) with who has the rights and privileges.  The previous rights of a need-to-know for parents transfers to the student when they attend college/university or turn 18 years of age.   We hope you will find this website to assist you in learning the different policies and information that will escort the parent through their student’s years at Wagner College.


The Registrar’s Office Communication Protocol:


Our Communication Protocol:

  • Our mission is to educate all students and their families of the processes and procedures to set the tone for all interaction with the different offices at Wagner.
  • We will do our best to make your child successful at Wagner College and to listen to issues as they come up.
  • We will treat parents with respect and will also expect this to be reciprocated.
  • We will refer the parent, and if at all possible, to a direct contact in the department.
  • We will assist our colleagues by keeping logs of the interaction and to inform the appropriate person by providing the background of the situation so as not to have the families repeat themselves.
  • We will follow up when possible.
  • We will encourage parents to talk to their child directly to place the onus on the student to work out their problems.
  • Most importantly, we want to empower students to know and understand how to be successful at Wagner.



The Most Asked FAQS for Parents:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

FERPA is designed to protect the privacy of educational records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their educational records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate and misleading data. The College is permitted to provide directory information without the student’s consent unless she or he requests, in writing, that such information not be disclosed.

Students also have the right to file complaints with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office (FERPA) concerning alleged failures by the institution to comply with the Act. Copies can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. It is also printed in the Student Handbook and the College Bulletin. Questions concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act may be directed to the Registrar’s Office.

Every individual has a right to request that their directory information be kept confidential. When someone’s data are marked as confidential, the information is highlighted in the system so that anyone who calls up an individual’s ID record and sees it highlighted knows that they are not to give out that information  Students are also asked whether they will allow the institution to speak with their parents about their academic record (FERPA). These records are maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

The Registrar’s Office will require a signed authorization from the student every time information is released from our office. 

Learn more about FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy

At Wagner College, the following is considered “Directory Information” and may at the discretion of the administration, be made available to the general public and individuals requesting the information: Student’s name, local address, permanent address, phone on record, e-mail address, college major, minor and/or concentration, honors, awards, classification, enrollment status (full- or part-time), dates of attendance (current and past), degrees conferred, dates of conferral, graduation distinctions and digital imaging (photo or film).

For athletics, additional permission is given for their participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, and hometown.

Students may refuse to have the directory information listed above, or some of the categories, released to third parties by submitting a written request to the Registrar’s Office by the fourth week of any given semester.

What is this used for:

  • Dean’s List posting and newspaper submissions
  • Third party services that are used by the college
  • Verification of enrollment and degree verification (Strictly, dates, degree and major, and date of determination)

What you must not do:

Taking your student’s password to get into their account whether it is email or looking for grades, you have put your student in jeopardy of an academic integrity violation.

What this means is that the student violated the policy that is outlined here:

Responsible Use of Technology and Information Resources



Academic Calendar 

The academic calendar is the hub of the wheel for the semester and the dates are a good indicator to talk to your student about how are things going.  Midterms are usually always during the 7th week of the semester and this is when students receive feedback on their grades so far if things are not going well (work is at a D or F grade level).  This is important as the next registration period for the following semester will factor in and determine their next semester’s registration.

Please click here for the Bulletin for 2021-2023

The Bulletin is the educational map for students to follow that is based on their start term (the semester and year they started) and will provide everything they need to know about satisfying their graduation requirements

The Registrar’s Office assists students and faculty members with  academic requirements, policies, course registration, enrollment verification and related matters. Students with questions about planning for their academic degrees (requirements for a major or minor) should work with their faculty advisor.

For first time undergraduate students, a staff member in the Center for Academic and Career Engagement (CACE) in the Union Building, is the first semester assistance along with their First Year Program where students are registered in a team taught class combining disciplines that assist in the transition to college and the Wagner College Plan.

All forms can be found here: Student Forms

Enrollment Verification:

To request a verification enrollment letter, please instruct your daughter or son to go to FORMS and  look for Enrollment Verification.  They are to fill out the request form.

Please provide our office the best instructions on the best address and how the letter should be sent.  The choices are direct mail, fax or pick-up for an official copy. The request is sent to our office and recorded and there is usually a 3 to 5 days turnaround.

Transferring Credit to Wagner:

To transfer in credit from another university whether domestically or internationally, the student should look for the Pre-Approval of Transfer Credit form and follow the instructions.

We will need a course description (a syllabus is preferable) in order for us to determine if it will transfer.   They will need a C or better to be accepted.  An official transcript must be received from the other college for it to be official.

For processing , a review will need to be done among several offices so students should provide the information and soon as possible.

Requesting a transcript:

To order a transcript,please have the student go here and follow the instructions:

Ordering a Transcript

We recommend that you have a best address of the institution or person who is to receive your education record.  Please send to transcript@wagner.edu

Offices to contact for questions:

  • Wagner College Public Safety Department is here to foster the mission of the College by providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. All members of Wagner Public Safety Service are expected to respect each individual, and treat each individual with professionalism and civility while maintaining the rules and guidelines that will ensure the safety and security of all persons at Wagner College.

    Main number: (718) 390-3165       

    Gate House    (after hours)                       

    Emergency:      (718) 390-3148           

  • At the applicant stage, contact is with parents as well as the student.   Once a student matriculates, they are handed off to the Registrar’s Office and our philosophy and primary objective is to work with the student in learning the policy and requirements for graduation. Transfer and transcripts are reviewed by enrollment for review and within a 2 week turnaround time, a transfer evaluation is produced.

    Main office number: (718) 390-3411   

    Email: admissions@wagner.edu

  • The priority FAFSA filing deadline for continuing and graduate students is February 1st.  If students or parents have any questions related to the financial aid process, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.  Appointments are strongly encouraged and are available both in-person and via phone. The Office of Financial Aid maintains communication with students via their Wagner email address and myWagner.  Students are responsible for reviewing both and submitting documentation in a timely manner.

    Main office number:  (718) 390-3183               

    Email:    finaid@wagner.edu   

  • Registration and Billing Timetable

    March/April – current students register for the full academic year

    June – fall invoices sent to incoming undergraduate students at their permanent address

    June/July – new students are registered by CACE for fall semester

    July – fall e-bills are sent to continuing students via Student Account Center (accessed through MyWagner)

    Mid July – due date for incoming students (fall semester)

    Mid August – due date for continuing students (fall semester)

    September – after drop/add, an updated e-bill is sent for fall semester – reflects changes made during drop/add

    October/November – all students register for spring

    Early December – spring e-bills are sent to students via Student Account Center (accessed through MyWagner)

    Early January – due date for spring semester bills

    February – after drop/add, an updated e-bill is sent for spring semester – reflects changes made during drop/add

    Students can easily grant access to a parent or other tuition payer by clicking on “My Profile” (along the top) in Student Acccount Center and then ” Manage Payers”.  Once added, parents can access Student Account Center at online.campuscommerce.com

    For billing questions, please visit http://wagner.edu/business-office or email student.accounts@wagner.edu.

    Main office number (718) 390-3112 

    Email: studentaccounts@wagner.edu

  • All Advanced Placement (AP) are entered prior to drop/add and once tis is complete, all educational records and degree verification is handled in conjunction with the faculty in our office.  We also cover transferring credit during the summer, grade information, and good student and verification letters to name a few.  The Academic Review Committee (ARC), along with the Registrar’s Office, will place students on probation, suspension and dismissal if students have not made satisfactory progress at the end of each semester.

    Main office number: (718) 390-3173  

    Registration, Transfer, Degree Audits:         registrar@wagner.edu

    Transcripts:                                                               transcript@wagner.edu    

  • Information Technology – The I.T. Help Desk provides technical support to staff, faculty, and students all year round. Students may visit, call, or email the Help Desk for any technology related questions or concerns.

    Main number: (718) 390-3410                     Email: help@wagner.edu

  • Center for Academic and Career Engagement- (1st year advising)

    The Center for Academic and Career Engagement (CACE) serves students as the primary location of academic support and advisement services, whether that advisement comes in the form of academic, career, or disability services. CACE’s Academic Advisement handles incoming first year and transfer student registration, and we coordinate campus tutoring services in subject areas and in the Writing Center. The Career Services office within CACE is a student-centered space that encourages students to explore and identify career pathways. We provide career education tools and resources that prepare our aspiring professionals to be empowered to put their best-self forward in a proactive manner. CACE’s Disability Services provides support and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure that they can develop to their full potential. Please contact us at cace@wagner.edu.

    CACE Main number (718) 390-3181               

    Email: cace@wagner.edu

  • Residential Education oversees on campus housing and logistics for Wagner College students. Questions regarding on campus rooms, move in and move out, housing selection, and meal plan adjustments can be directed to the main office line.

    Main contact number:  (718) 390-3420             Email: resed@wagner.edu

  • Notice of Concerns – Dean of Campus Life has a student portal with all the information needed for the beginning of school and online process that secures dates for the orientations, residential life forms, and health forms.

    Main office number: (718) 390-3432  


  • The center provides advocacy, education, communication, and services, as well as promote research based educational programs and culturally competent practices to advance the health and promote the wellness of all students and members of the campus community.

    Main office number: (718) 390-3158

    Email: studenthealthservices@wagner.edu

  • Wagner’s Center for Spirituality promotes inspiring and inquisitive conversation across boundaries and encourages interfaith friendship and spiritual growth.

    We warmly welcome students of all ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. We welcome those of all faith traditions and no faith tradition, and we welcome those with different physical, mental and emotional abilities.

    We serve the Wagner College community by providing opportunities to explore religious and spiritual life as part of our formation in lives of meaning and purpose.

    Please contact Rev. Dr. Holly Bonner 718-390-3281 or by email holly.bonner@wagner.edu.

  • Contact with faculty after matriculation should be by students using the office hours as ways to have one on one time with faculty. 

    This is the best time for students to receive advice.  Most faculty post their office hours and withdrawal class policy on their syllabus.  Students should view faculty office hours as part of their job as it is a direct line of communication with instructors and advisors.  This is particularly important if students are in large classes more than 12.

    Parents should NOT contact faculty directly about educational records.

    If there is a concern, we always want the parent to talk directly to the student.  If you need someone to follow up on your student because of any concern or concern still not met.

    You can contact the Dean of Campus Life or the CACE office to put in a notice of concern and the student will be contacted to meet to discuss resources to assist the student moving forward.

    If for any reason a parent must be in direct contact, our standard of practice is to have the student on the call so that the information is given directly to the student and the parent can listen in for the answers and the concern.

  • The Provost Office in tandem with other offices handles all graduation celebration information.  This website is available and will be updated each year.

    Website: https://wagner.edu/commencement/

    Main office number: (718) 390-3211