Visiting Students

Course Listings

All Visiting Students are able to access our Public Course List as a reference to what courses are being offered each semester. Please use the links below as a reference and contact with any questions you may have.

View the Public Course Schedule in myWagner
View all courses offered in the 2017-2019 Course Bulletin

Cost and Procedures

Visiting Students at Wagner College are considered Non-Degree students. These are students who wish to take Wagner College courses, for credit or audit, without enrolling in a degree program at the College. These non-matriculated students include auditors, post-baccalaureate students, and visiting students.

Please note Non-degree students are not normally permitted to take graduate courses unless they have already earned a masters degree.

Click here for cost per unit for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

*Please note there is no Financial Aid available through Wagner College for Non-Degree students*

Please click here for the Non-Degree Student Application


Contact Us

Any questions regarding course listings and/or prerequisites can be sent to

Any questions regarding the cost of units can be sent to

Any questions regarding the Non-Degree Student Application and/or Admissions can be sent to