Residential Education

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Welcome to the Office of Residential Education! We’re here to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive residential community that supports and challenges student growth and development through educational, social, and leadership opportunities.

For more information please contact our Central Office at 718-390-3420 or email

Important Dates

  • May 18th by 10am: Non-Graduating Student Move-Out
    • Non-graduating students must depart 24 hours after their last final exam OR by 10am on May 18th, whichever comes first.
  • May 19th by 7pm: Graduating Student Move-Out
  • Thursday, August 24th: Fall 2023 New Student Move-In
  • Sunday, August 27th: Fall 2023 Returning Student Move-In

Spring 2023 Move-Out Information

Students who are not graduating, will be expected to check out of their residence hall room 24 hours after their last final exam OR by 10:00am on May 18 (whichever comes first). Regardless of the last final exam, all students must move out by Thursday, May 18 by 10:00am. So in the case of a 4pm final on May 17, all students will still be required to check out by 10am on May 18.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who are graduating and students providing approved assistance with graduation should move out of their residence hall rooms by 7pm on Friday, May 19th. It is strongly encouraged and advised that graduating students use down times leading up to commencement to pack and prepare for move-out.

General Move-Out Information

We will not be requiring sign ups for departure times this year. We expect May 17 and the morning of May 18 to be heavy move-out days. Delays should be expected.

Harborview Hall Residents – Important Move-Out Information

Due to the work on the Harborview hill road way, there will be no vehicle traffic permitted down the Harborview hill. Residents of Harborview Hall can move out using the roadway behind Towers Hall.

To access this roadway, please use Campus Road to turn into the Receiving Parking Lot (across the street from Starlight Road). Once turning into the lot, please go down the road behind Towers Hall. You will be able to park in the parking spaces outside of Harborview Hall. Once you have completed moving out, please go up the roadway behind Towers Hall and through the Receiving Parking Lot to exit campus via Campus Road. Please click here to view a campus map if needed.

How to Check-Out

All students will be completing an express check-out. This process is very simple and easy for all residents!

  • Step 1- Move all of your belongings out of your room. LOCK YOUR DOOR!
    • Make sure all of your items are removed from your room, both major and minor items. This includes larger items like fridges and microwaves, but also includes hangers, shoes, and books.
    • Make sure you check all drawers upon your exit!
    • No items are to be stored in rooms, regardless if you have the same room assigned for next year, or you are traveling overseas.
  • Step 2- Place your room key in the Express Check-Out envelope that will be slid under your room door by May 9.
  • Step 3- Head to the RA office of the building you live in:
    • For Harborview- in the lobby of Harborview
    • For Towers- in the lobby of C Tower
    • For Foundation- in the lobby of Foundation
  • Step 4- Place the envelope in the “Express Check-Out” Bin on the door of the hall office.*Be advised, failure to return the key on your assigned day may result in a key replacement fee (ranging from $75-$150) and improper checkout fee ($100).

GRADUATING STUDENTS/WITHDRAWING STUDENTS: Please return your ID card when you return your key.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ResEd ( or 718-390-3420)


Who are we?

The Office of Residential Education creates a safe, respectful and inclusive community that supports and challenges student growth and development through educational, social and leadership opportunities.

What is our vision? 

Residential Education will support student success through their degree completion as an agency of Wagner College & the Division of Campus Life. We will provide programs and services with direct emphasis on student growth and development with a staff of trained and caring paraprofessionals and professionals. 

What do we value? 


Residential Education is dedicated to partnering with residents to ensure a safe and supportive living environment for all. We strive to enable residents to freely explore their personal identities, as well as gain a deeper understanding of a diverse range of perspectives.


Residential Education believes in the promotion of all students to be engaged members of the campus community. We work to build our community through the promotion of academic success skills, interpersonal development, and civic outreach.  


Residential Education emphasizes that a residential experience enhances a student’s success in college. We promote learning moments in everyday tasks and encourage all to grow into scholars, vibrant community members, and future leaders.  


Residential Education strives to advocate for students living on campus. We approach advocacy as a learning opportunity that encompasses empowerment and encouragement. We want to role model and inspire students to advocate for themselves in regards to their academic success, interpersonal relationships, housing needs, and professional aspirations.


Residential Education values the integration of all students into our campus resources. We work to connect and support residents with offices and services that enhance their success at the college. We value collaborative partnerships across campus and providing training to members of our community.


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